Changes to SEPE department in 2022

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SEPE process transformation in the pipeline

SEPE is the Public State Employment Service, the body in charge of protecting the unemployed, and managing all related processes and systems. It is autonomous and attached to the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy.

On Friday, December 3, 2021, the Council of Ministers approved a draft of the Employment Law. This implies a transformation regarding SEPE, specifically into a Spanish Employment Agency as reported in Que!

According to the Minister of Labour, Yolanda Díaz, a new agency will be in charge of offering a specific catalogue of services. According to Díaz, said agency will take charge of individual profiles and in turn process the individual authorisation of citizens who require certain services.

The reasons for change

According to media, the SEPE reform corresponds to several warnings raised by the Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility (AIReF).

Sources also say the warnings relate to a complication to measure efficiency and results in terms of employment policies.

As a result, the Minister of Labour stated SEPE will transform into the Spanish Employment Agency. “Transform into a large agency to achieve fundamental objectives: modernise the body, digitise it completely, gain speed, agility,” she pointed out.

Job Analysis Office

The new office will provide advice on employment policies. This means not only providing information to unemployed citizens, but guiding society as a whole.

Another important point is that the SEPE will also give weight to data analysis and what is currently known as Artificial Intelligence. In this way, the body also hopes to be much more capable and efficient in terms of corrections.

Special emphasis is also placed on the principle of non-discrimination, which will be the flag in the actions of the new SEPE Agency. Something that is vital, since the agency will consider migrants, applicants for international protection, ethnic minorities or women victims of gender violence, among others.

Communication of vacancies available in SEPE

Among the SEPE adjustments in 2022, is the proposal that companies and employment agencies notify as to the available vacancies. This applies to companies, private employment agencies and administrations.

The purpose is for each one to communicate about the vacancies that are available to the future Employment Agency.

Cogesa Expats

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Immediate response to requests

The Minister of Labour said the adjustments regarding the communication of vacancies will greatly facilitate the process. Currently, it is complex to follow up on offers. Díaz believes the above changes will achieve immediacy in terms of job searches.

The minister explained that full collaboration of companies and private agencies is required for the smooth transformation of SEPE.

Personalisation and individualisation of offers

The Minister of Labour mentioned that active employment policies seek to position the citizen at the centre.

Díaz considers it is necessary for everything to appropriate according to the profile of the citizen who requests it.

Service catalogue

The Minister of Labour explained that the service catalogue  references the individual profile of the citizen. But at the same time, there will also be individual tutoring, job placement and training for employment.

Advice and support in the process

The changes are completely beneficial, as there will also be availability for self-employment and entrepreneurship advice. Díaz stressed that for the first time, advice and support will be offered in the process from beginning to end for citizens.

Zero additional costs

According to the Minister of Labour, approval of the creation of the agency must happen by the end of 2022.

The adjustments appear to be available thanks to the SEPE budget allocation. Also, from European funds and active employment policies.

Flexibility of financing rules

Furthermore, in the changes, it appears there is a slight relaxation in terms of financing rules for communities. According to sources, they may exceed the calendar year so that they can acquire spending commitments.

Everything indicates the autonomies will have until March 31 of the following year to commit the expenditure for the year.

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