Catalonia eases water restrictions for 6 million people

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water restrictions eased

Catalonia has eased strict water restrictions for the Ter-Llobregat system, which supplies water to around six million people in the metropolitan area of Barcelona and part of Girona.

Thanks to recent rainfall and a rise in water levels in the reservoirs, which now stand at 36.18%, the Generalitat has decided to move from the exceptional drought phase to the alert phase. This means that the daily water consumption per person is increased from 230 to 250 litres. This is a significant improvement compared to the 200 litres during the emergency phase that was in effect from February to early May. As a result, other restrictions are also being eased, such as watering parks and gardens and filling swimming pools, albeit with some limitations.

Impact on agriculture, livestock, and industry

The agriculture, livestock, and industrial sectors will also benefit from the eased measures, with an increase in the available amount of water for various uses.

Reactions from the government

David Mascort, the acting Minister of Climate Action of the Generalitat, stated that the exceptional drought phase is now over and that the region is in a warning phase. This decision was announced after a meeting of the Interdepartmental Drought Commission, which evaluates the water status and restrictions.

The easing of water restrictions comes just before the summer holidays begin, at a crucial time. It provides relief to both residents and businesses in Catalonia.

Easing of water restrictions in Malaga

The other drought-stricken Spanish region since the beginning of this year is Andalucia and more specifically the province of Malaga. Here, water restrictions were already eased on 1 June due to increased water reserves after rainfall. The fact that restrictions are not being completely lifted in both regions indicates that the authorities are aware of the severity of the drought. Nevertheless, they are trying to minimise the impact on daily life and the local economy, which is highly dependent on tourism. Therefore, they emphasise the importance of the population continuing to follow recommendations and using water

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