Catalan nationalists: No support for Sánchez without amnesty

by Lorraine Williamson
amnesty for Junts

BARCELONA – Junts, the Catalan independence party, is putting Spanish politics on edge. The party is clear. There will be no support for Pedro Sánchez’s government without amnesty. Miriam Nogueras, spokesperson for Junts, said this last Saturday. 

“Catalonia is starting to collect and id demanding payment in advance,” Nogueras said. She made these statements during a meeting in Mataró, Barcelona. Other parties were also criticized. “We will not budge,” she emphasised. 

Focus on independence 

For Junts it is simple. The independence of Catalonia is paramount. Adjustments to the Spanish Constitution are non-negotiable. “This is not about reforming Spain, but about preserving the nation,” Nogueras said. 

Amnesty law is the minimum requirement 

Junts knows what it wants. If the PSOE wants to negotiate, the boundaries are clear. An amnesty law is the minimum requirement. “PSOE must move on or they will be overwhelmed,” Nogueras warned. 

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Criticism of previous government 

Sánchez should not make the mistake that Mariano Rajoy made earlier. “Time will not solve the problems,” Nogueras said. She added that both the Catalan issue and amnesty cannot be ignored. Yet there is a bright spot. Catalan has been approved for use in the national parliament. Nogueras applauded this. “We don’t do anything for nothing. Catalonia will be at the heart of everything we do,” she said. 

The message is clear. The ball is now in the court of Pedro Sánchez who cannot govern without the support of Junts. The question is: what will he do? 

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