British boy Alex Betty missing for six years found alive in France

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Alex Batty

Seventeen-year-old British teenager Alex Batty, who vanished in Spain while on holiday with his mother and grandfather in October 2017, has been found alive and well in Revel, near Toulouse in France.

The youngster from Oldham, Manchester, is expected to return to the UK shortly, as confirmed by French authorities and reported by the BBC. At the time of his disappearance, Alex was with his mother, Melanie Batty, 37, and grandfather, David Batty, 58. Alex was under his grandmother’s care due to domestic difficulties faced by his mother, leading to loss of custody.

Grandmother’s alarm raises inquiry

The grandmother alerted authorities when the family did not return from their Marbella vacation. Investigations suggested that the adults might have traveled to Melilla through the port of Málaga, linking back to their previous residence in a Moroccan commune in 2014.

Life in a commune 

Alex reportedly lived in an itinerant commune in the Pyrenees. A local journalist shared with the BBC that Alex found his mother’s lifestyle odd and chose to leave. He was seen walking along a road in the Pyrenees by a delivery driver, who helped him send a message to his grandmother, expressing his wish to see her.

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Social services take over care

Social services are now involved in Alex’s case, although investigations continue. Despite his long disappearance, Alex reported no mistreatment and appears to be in good health.

“A normal life” 

Fabien Accidini, the French student who found Alex, recounted to Sky News the teenager’s longing for a normal life and reunion with his grandmother. Accidini initially doubted Alex’s story but was convinced after learning more details and contacted the police. Alex appeared calm and physically well, expressing a desire for a normal future.

Reuniting with Family

Alex’s remarkable story of survival and his journey from Spain to France has ended. Finally he is reunited with his grandmother and has a chance for the a normal life he yearned for.


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