Boa constrictor of 2.30 metres surprises cyclists on a road near Málaga

by Lorraine Williamson

A group of cyclists found the snake, of 2.30 metres, along the side of the road Cortijo Campanillas in Málaga. That’s near the Real Guadalhorce Golf Club, not far from Málaga airport. The snake was lying between the road and a couple of cypress trees.

With the fear in their legs, especially because of the enormous size of the snake, the cyclists immediately alerted the local police of Málaga. When the officers arrived at the scene, they discovered that the snake was lethargic and offered no resistance. The boa was not aggressive.

The quick response of the local police was crucial. Officers caught the snake with the help of a pest control expert. Then they secured the animal in a cardboard box to prevent it from escaping.

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The boa was then taken to a police station, where it was picked up by officers from the Conservation Group (Gruprona) of the police themselves. They then took the boa to the Municipal Animal Protection Centre of Málaga (Cepam). There they measured that it was 2.30 metres long and that it was a female specimen. At Cenam, measures have been taken to bring the snake to a refuge for exotic species. The animal is said to have been abandoned, according to the local police of Malaga.


Boas are snakes that kill their prey by wrapping their bodies around them, hence their Latin term constrictor. Some of the largest snakes in the world, such as the anaconda, also belong to the boa family.

Its natural range extends from northern Mexico, throughout Central America to South America. Boas usually live near bodies of water. They live in a variety of habitats: moist tropical forests such as the Amazon jungle, dry savannahs, scrub, and tropical montane forests.

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