Barcelona’s tourist appeal: US, France, and UK lead the way

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tourist appeal Barcelona

BARCELONA – In 2022, a remarkable number of 758,000 Americans chose Barcelona as their travel destination. The cultural affinity and interest in the city’s unique history, distinctive architecture, and cosmopolitan life make it a favorite among American travelers.

The city offers a blend of beaches, art, cuisine, and a lively nightlife, appealing to those seeking diverse experiences in one destination.

Direct flights from the US

Air connectivity between the US and Barcelona has significantly improved in recent years, with more direct flights and accessible travel options, making it easier for a greater number of Americans to choose Barcelona as their preferred European destination.

European countries also key to Barcelona’s tourism

France plays a crucial role in Barcelona’s tourism, partly due to geographical proximity and good transport connections. French tourists remain among the major contributors to the city’s tourism.

The United Kingdom in the top 3

The United Kingdom is another country whose citizens show great interest in visiting Barcelona. The long-standing historical relationship between the two countries, along with familiarity with English in the city, makes Barcelona an attractive destination for British tourists.

Positive outlook for 2024

The prospects for 2024 are very positive. Continuing the trend from previous years, the United States leads the number of bookings in the Catalan capital until March. Barcelona remains a top destination, attractive to a wide international audience.

Americans buying homes in Spain

We recently published that the number of Americans buying property in Spain has increased significantly. That is reaching the highest level since records began. Factors contributing to this trend include the favorable exchange rate between the dollar and the euro, the pleasant climate and lifestyle in Spain, and the attractive property taxes. The lifting of the Golden Visa and the tax benefits of the non-habitual residence regime in Portugal have also played a role in this increase.


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