Barcelona to close all tourist apartments by 2029

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The Mayor of Barcelona has announced an ambitious – and somewhat drastic – plan to close all tourist apartments in the city by 2029. Jaume Collboni’s goal is to repurpose these properties entirely for residential use.

“In the city of Barcelona, from 2029 onwards, there will no longer be any tourist apartments as we know them today. This will allow us to bring 10,101 homes onto the rental or sale market,” stated the mayor. This number corresponds exactly to the current number of tourist apartments in Barcelona. According to the mayor, the city cannot afford the current situation. Therefore, he is committed to shutting down these apartments by the end of 2028.

Legal basis

To achieve this goal, the Barcelona municipality will apply the decree issued by the regional government Generalitat last November, which regulates the use of homes for tourist purposes. Moreover, this law sets a maximum duration of five years for current tourist accommodation licenses. After this period, these licenses will be converted into temporary permits. Collboni has assured that these permits will not be renewed after five years.

Social housing

Additionally, Collboni has announced a proposal by the municipal government to allow the existing 30% reservation for social housing in new construction projects and major renovations to be relocated to nearby plots. This would enable social developers to build new protected housing. Furthermore, the municipality would have a preferential right to purchase these homes. These measures aim to increase the number of available homes in the city and curb the rise in rental and purchase prices.

Plan ‘Pla Viure’

The mayor presented these new initiatives last Friday as part of the new Pla Viure. This plan focuses on increasing the housing supply and controlling housing costs in Barcelona. The proposed changes are intended to contribute to a more balanced housing market and improve the availability of affordable homes in the city.

Impact on the housing market

The closure of tourist apartments and their conversion into residential homes will have a significant impact on the housing market in Barcelona. Making 10,101 homes available for rent or sale will reduce pressure on the housing market. Additionally, it is likely to lead to lower rental and sale prices. The shift towards more social housing will also enhance the accessibility of affordable homes for Barcelona residents.

With these measures, the city aims not only to ease the housing burden but also to improve the quality of life for its residents. Collboni’s plans reflect an ambitious drive towards a more sustainable and equitable housing market in Barcelona.

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