Barcelona hospital hackers threaten to publish sensitive data

by Lorraine Williamson

BARCELONA – Hackers hit Hospital Clínic in Barcelona on Sunday, March 5 by a ransomware-type cyber-attack that encrypted the systems. The responsible group of hackers asked for money in exchange for data protection. 

In exchange for $4.5 million in hard-to-trace cryptocurrency, the hackers promised to release the systems again and not to distribute any privacy-sensitive data. The first consequence of this attack was the cancellation of the centre’s emergency services, laboratory and pharmacy. The regional council immediately indicated that it would not pay a penny. 

Publishing sensitive data 

The Hospital Clínic cyber attackers now, weeks later, threaten to publish data on patients with infectious diseases and the use of experimental drugs for the elderly. In addition, they also point to the hospital’s management, accusing them of ‘neglecting personal data’. Ransom House, the organisation the hackers belong to, has announced this in a statement to some media. The hackers do this in response to the blocking of “access to data” by the Mossos d’Esquadra of the cyber-attack published on the Internet, (deep web). 

ASSSA - health insurance in Spain

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“worrisome” changes 

According to La Sexta, the criminals point out there will be “several changes” coming that will “worry” the police. They also thank the Mossos for blocking the information. Because as a result, they don’t have to come up with “a new solution” to filter the data. “In the coming days there will be changes that will be good for many. But they will affect the police,” the hackers warn on Twitter. 

The Cybersecurity Agency of Catalonia confirms that the statement was distributed through Ransom House channels and that the cybercriminals who attacked Hospital Clinic are behind it. For now, the Mossos have not ruled. 

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