Baby dies from the impact of huge hailstone in Catalonia

by Lorraine Williamson

LA BISBAL D’EMPORDà – A 20-month-old baby has been killed by the impact of a hailstone that fell on her head during the intense hailstorm that hit La Bisbal de LÉmpordá on Tuesday. 

The girl died in hospital this morning from injuries caused by Tuesday’s hail storm in La Bisbal de L’Empordá and other places in the Baix Empordà and Pla de L’Esta. A woman who was injured by the ice stones is also still in the hospital. At least 30 others were slightly injured. 

The hail was spectacular and the storm came so fast that it overwhelmed most people. Consequently, the storm caused a lot of personal damage as mentioned above. Furthermore, the huge hailstones also caused material damage to cars, buildings and street furniture. Especially in Bisbal. 

Hailstones largest since 2022

It also provided incredible images in Vulpellac, Ultramuerto and San Juan de Mollet. According to Meteo. cat, the diameter of the hailstones was the largest on record since 2002. In some places, it was pieces of ice up to 10 centimetres in diameter. 

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The mayor, Carme Vall, confirmed to Ràdio Girona that emergency services had to assist 30 people who were surprised by the hailstorm outside. Aside from the personal damage, the stone also left a string of cars with broken glass and dents in the sheet metal. 

Every car in street damaged by hailstones

According to Vall, they cannot assess the damage to date, but she believes hundreds of cars will be affected. By way of example, she explained that on one street in Bisbal alone, there wasn’t a car that didn’t have a broken window or a damaged roof sheet. Tiles, roof tiles and gutters of private homes were also damaged. 

Check out this tweet for clear pictures of the size of the hailstones. The fire brigade received 23 reports in Baix Emporda, 21 in Bisbal dÉmporda and 2 in Forallac. 

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