American tourist bookings to Andalucia skyrocket

by Lorraine Williamson
American tourists

The travel industry has seen an impressive rebound after the pandemic, with American tourist bookings to Andalucia soaring by a remarkable 52.5% this summer. This considerable surge is largely fueled by United Airlines’ new direct flight service from New York to Malaga. 

New York to Malaga: The new link 

This new connection, set to launch by the end of this month, is a game-changer. Offering two flights a week, it promises to stimulate an influx of American tourists to the sun-drenched beaches and quaint towns of Spain’s southernmost region, bringing the vibrant cultures of Malaga and New York a mere six hours apart. 

Revealing travel habits 

This uptick in tourism was identified in a detailed report on American summer travel habits by Turespaña, Spain’s official tourism board. According to the data, Andalucia has risen to be the second most popular Spanish region, with a 52.5% increase in bookings, just slightly behind Catalonia’s 54.5% rise. 

A resurgent travel trend 

The report indicates a general upswing in travel interest, showing a 21.9% overall increase in bookings from the US to Spain compared to last year. This travel boom is facilitated by an impressive network of 23 flight routes connecting the two nations in 2023. 

An insatiable appetite for luxury 

Freed from the shackles of pandemic-imposed travel constraints, American tourists are yearning for luxury travel experiences. About 43% are seeking high-end destinations, with an annual average spend of $4,677. This extends to cities filled with rich culture, art events, music festivals, and more. 

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Millennial travel trends 

Interestingly, the millennial demographic also contributes to this travel fever, showing a distinct interest in outdoor destinations and wellness tourism, a clear indication of a leaning towards the serenity of nature. 

The American tourist preferences 

Travel industry insights reveal a clear pattern in American tourists’ European adventures. Historical and cultural heritage top the list for 30% of tourists, closely followed by urban activities such as art appreciation and nightlife. Nature, active tourism, luxury shopping (2.2%), gastronomic experiences (23%), and commemorative historical events also figure prominently in their plans. 

Spain in the spotlight 

Spain stands as the fourth most popular European travel destination among American tourists. Roughly 20% rank Spain highly in their travel preferences, and 2.1% plan to include Spain in their immediate travel plans. 

The future of tourism 

The Turespaña report predicts that US tourism will match, if not exceed, pre-pandemic levels in 2023 and 2024. In 2022, Spain welcomed 2.8 million American tourists, getting close to the 2019 record of 3.3 million visitors. The future indeed seems bright for the travel industry. 

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