After America, Spain registers the most hotel bookings for the month of May

by Lorraine Williamson
Spain ranks number 2 for hotel bookins in May

MADRID – The announcement from the Spanish Prime Minister not to renew the state of alarm beyond May 9 turned out to be positive news for the hotel sector in Spain. The country is number two worldwide when it comes to the number of hotel bookings for the month of May. 

This is evident from data by booking platform TravelgateX. America is number one in the TravelgateX ranking, followed by Spain, Mexico, Greece and Portugal. The current epidemiological situation in Italy and France has likely pushed these generally popular countries out of the top 5. Italy dropped from third place to eighth position and France has dropped from fifth to fourteenth place on the list.

Andalusia and Catalonia less popular 

In Spain, 40% of the hotel bookings were made by American and British tourists. Traditionally followed by reservations from German, Italian and French tourists. The two island groups in particular appear popular, each with 25% of the total number of reservations in Spain. Valencia is in a surprising third place. However, the regions of Andalusia and Catalonia are losing popularity, according to TravelgateX. Looking at the Mediterranean area alone, the Balearic Islands, Greece and Egypt have a similar market share. Most reservations went to Greece, closely followed by the Balearic Islands and Egypt. 

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If not the destination, but the nationality of the tourists, most of them come from America and England. This is followed by the Spaniards at number three and the Brazilians at number four. Moreover, the Brazilians have risen from seventh position to number four when it comes to the number of hotel bookings. Remarkable is the rise of the Romanian tourists, who have climbed from 24th position to number 15. 

Spent significantly more per reservation 

According to data from TravelgateX, holidays more money is being spent on holiday bookings every year. In 2019, an average of €400 was paid for a booking. However, this year an average of €600 is being spent for a hotel booking. 


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