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PROVINCIA DE MALAGA – In the province of Málaga there are still attractive options for those looking for affordable housing. In the cheapest municipality, the average price is only 604 euros per square meter.

here are villages that are not even that far from the coast. For those who prefer a quieter, natural environment and don’t mind driving a bit to see the sea, a village like this could be a great option.

Real estate website Idealista looked into it and published a report with cheap municipalities to buy a second-hand house in the province of Málaga. One of the conclusions from the report is that the differences in the province are quite large.

The cheapest municipalities to buy a house in this province to which the Costa del Sol belongs are Teba, with an average price of 604 euros per square meter, followed by Alameda (607 euros) and Benaoján (700 euros).

A growing list of municipalities with affordable housing

The list of municipalities where prices remain below 1,000 euros per square meter has been expanded. In addition to the top three with low prices, other affordable options are: Campillos (740 euros), Cortes de la Frontera (740 euros), Archidona (788 euros), Tolox (821 euros), Guaro (855 euros), Benamocarra (911 euros) , Arriate (924 euros), Comares (958 euros), Mollina (982 euros) and Álora (998 euros).

Price increases and decreases in different municipalities

Although these municipalities generally remain very affordable, some cannot escape price increases. In December, Teba (4.9% increase), Guaro (4% increase) and Archidona (2.2% increase) saw an increase in house prices. On the other hand, Arriate (3.1% decrease), Tolox (2.5% decrease) and Alameda (2.1% decrease) experienced a decrease in asking prices.

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Contrast with the provincial capital Málaga

We see a completely different picture in other places in the province of Málaga and the capital, where prices are well above 1,000 euros per square meter. This December, both even reached a record high, with average prices of 3,079 euros and 2,668 euros per square meter respectively.

The most expensive municipalities in Málaga

A list ranking with the cheapest homes also has the downside: those with the highest prices. A total of 27 municipalities in the province, like Málaga itself, have reached their highest prices this year. The most expensive municipalities are Marbella, with a peak in December of 4,461 euros per square meter; Benahavís (4,379 euros), Istán (3,918 euros, peak in October), and Estepona (3,256 euros).


Teba, a charming village and municipality in the province of Málaga, Andalusia, Spain, is located in the northwest of the province in the Guadalteba region and is part of the judicial district of Antequera. The village itself is a picturesque example of traditional Andalusian architecture, with whitewashed houses, stately residences and small palaces, topped by a Moorish castle and a Baroque church from the 18th century. The local economy is mainly based on agriculture and livestock farming, with a focus on pig farming and the cultivation of wheat and olives.


Alameda is located about 85 kilometers from the city of Málaga north of Antequera and has about 5,000 inhabitants. The village takes its name from the Álamos stream that flows through the municipality. This place is best known because the infamous bandit “El Tempranillo” is buried here. During the Roman Empire, Alameda was an enclave of strategic importance, as three of the main roads to Baetica passed through the municipality. One of these roads, la Real, still runs through the village from Plaza de España to Plaza de Andalucía.


Benaoján is a picturesque village located within the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park. It extends over an area of 32 km2 and is located approximately 17 kilometers from Ronda. The landscape here is characterized by rugged karst mountains with important geological formations. Hereunder, the Hundidero-Gato system and the Cave of the Bathing. It is famous for its prehistoric rock paintings from the Upper Paleolithic. These have earned the status of a National Monument of Rock Paintings.

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