Activists prevent tourists from accessing famous volcano on Lanzarote

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In Lanzarote, activists have blocked access to one of the island’s most famous natural attractions, the Volcán del Cuervo. This is a protest against the “massification of tourism”. According to them, this is driving the local population from their own country.

The Colectivo Tabaiba has spoken out against the overwhelming influx of tourists. According to them, these are flooding the natural spaces of the island “without any control”. It is not the first time that activists have denounced the large numbers of visitors in vulnerable areas of the island. They are also angry about activities that are carried out despite clear prohibition signs.

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Specific incident

In February, a French tourist was caught flying a drone within the Volcanoes Natural Park. He was specifically in the Volcán del Cuervo. That area has been designated as a Special Protection Area for Birds (ZEPA) and therefore the use of drones is expressly prohibited. Despite clear prohibition signs, the tourist still went about his business.

Cogesa Expats

“A pilgrimage of cars”

In early March, Colectivo Tabaiba published videos showing numerous cars parked near Caldera Blanca and Volcán del Cuervo, even during the low season. According to the group, the situation was more like a pilgrimage than nature activities. The parking lots were overcrowded. Therefore, many vehicles were parked on the side of the road in a way that compromised road safety.

‘No entry’ sign

Last weekend, activists posted signs prohibiting access to the area. They also strung a chain in front of the path with the message: “Do not pass. Area closed due to mass tourism. Residents yes, my child!” At the same time, they campaigned through their social media. In it they stated that they have no intention of migrating and that the fight for their future has only just begun. According to the activists, now is the time to “use the resources we have to boycott the tourist activity that is driving us from our own land.”

Increase in number of tourists in January 12.4%

On their Instgram account, Colectivo Tabaido points out the figures again: In January the island received 272,000 visitors. That was an increase of 12.4% year on year. Only visitors to official hotels and registered holiday homes and apartments were counted here. All tourists who stayed overnight in unregistered accommodations or campers are over and above this figure. “If this trend continues, the island of 846 square kilometres will receive 3.6 million (official) tourists. They all use the road network, health care on the island, the available water and increase the pressure on nature reserves.”

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