Accident in Port Aventura amusement park near Salou: up to 14 injured

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Port Aventura accident

A serious accident occurred on the Tomahawk roller coaster in the popular Spanish amusement park Port Aventura, located between Vila Seca and Salou. Up to 14 people were injured.

Extremely strong gusts of wind, reaching speeds of up to 70 km/hr, caused a tree to fall on the attraction. This led to fourteen injuries, two of whom were in critical condition.

Chaos due to severe weather

The accident, caused by the severe weather that hit Catalonia on Sunday, occurred when a tree fell due to strong gusts of wind. Some branches landed directly on the occupants of the roller coaster. The two seriously injured people were transported by air ambulance to hospitals in Barcelona and Tarragona. Three other people with less serious injuries were taken to nearby hospitals.

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Investigation into the accident

The Catalan police have started a technical investigation and have sent several units to the scene of the accident. The Port Aventura management points out the accident is completely separate from the operational and maintenance processes of the attractions. It blamed the incident on unexpectedly strong winds.

Not the first incident at Tomahawk

This is not the first accident at Tomahawk, the wooden roller coaster in the Far West section of Port Aventura. In 2009, an employee was killed when he was run over by a wagon during maintenance work. This recent accident reminds visitors and theme park managers of the constant importance of safety and the possible risks that extreme weather conditions can entail.

The amusement park has expressed its condolences to the victims and their families and emphasises that the safety of visitors and employees is the highest priority. In the coming days, more will become clear about the condition of the injured and the consequences of the accident for operations within Port Aventura.

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