A tragic day in Valencia and Alicante with four people drowned

by Lorraine Williamson
drowned as they jumped from the rock

CALPE/NAVARRES – Two young people drowned in Calpe on Sunday after they jumped from the famous Peñón de Ifach rock. Two other victims are a mother and her son who fell from a waterfall in Navarrés (Valencia) on the same day. 

Members of the Civil Guard’s underwater unit located the bodies of two youths. They were swallowed by the sea on Sunday after jumping from a helipad onto the high rock. The newspaper ABC writes that the first victim jumped into the sea and got into trouble there. The second victim is said to have jumped after him to save him. The lifeless body of the friend who jumped first was not found until 11.20 am on Monday morning. 

The report came in at 4.30 pm on Sunday, according to the Alicante provincial firefighting consortium, after the first boy jumped. The sea made it very difficult for the two young men at the time by drifting them off the land. A rescue helicopter and rescue team (GER), as well as another Coast Guard helicopter, were mobilised. However, they were unable to do anything to help. 

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Mother and son drowned at waterfall

A mother and her son died on the same Sunday in Los Chorradores de Navarrés, Valencia. They had both fallen from a 6-metre waterfall, according to the fire department of the province of Valencia. 

Immediately after the report, a rescue unit also moved with a helicopter and was accompanied by firefighters from Xátiva. When rescuers arrived, a group of people who witnessed the accident had already been able to get the woman out of the water. However, they could not find her son. 

He was located shortly afterward and removed from the water. Both the woman and the minor were treated urgently, but after several attempts at resuscitation, members of the health team confirmed that both had died. According to some witnesses, the minor fell from the 6-metre waterfall and his mother jumped after him to save him. 


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