Which places along Camino de Santiago in Spain are the most dangerous?

by Lorraine Williamson
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GALICIA – The pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela is extremely popular for several reasons. Therefore, due to its popularity, the Spanish tourist board, together with the region of Galicia, comes up with an overview of the most dangerous places along the Camino de Santiago. 

The pilgrimage town of Santiago de Compostela in the far northwest of Spain has attracted Catholics to visit the sanctuary of ‘San Jacobo’ for over a thousand years. Even today, the Camino de Santiago is still one of the most famous pilgrimages you can make and consists of a network of paths across Europe. 

Why is Camino de Santiago currently so popular? 

This year is the holy year: Año Xacobeo. The basilica was recently refurbished. And since April, for the first time in eight years, the graceful Baroque facade has not been hidden behind the scaffolding of the renovation work. 

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Recently, much attention has also been paid to improving the infrastructure. And, as such, various organisations have campaigned to encourage people to make this journey. However, this means that it may be busier than ever on the roads leading to the famous Santiago de Compostela. 

Pilgrimage route Spain dangerous in various places 

Precisely for this reason, it is advisable to start prepared on this pilgrimage route and to be vigilant in places where accidents often occur. The journey is often made by pedestrians and cyclists and these are the most vulnerable groups. 

What are the most dangerous places on Camino de Santiago in Spain? 

The Spanish traffic agency DGT has analysed a road network of more than 7,000 kilometres and eleven different routes. The DGT works together with the regional government of Galicia to make the Camino de Santiago safer. Therefore, both institutions have created a website with tips for the ideal preparation for the route. According to the DGT and the region of Galicia, these are the most dangerous points along the routes towards Santiago de Compostela: 

Camino Frances 

  • N-540 Portomarín-Palas de Rei (municipality: Portomarín)
  • LE-142 Rabanal del Camino-Ponferrada (Santa Colomba de Somoza) 
  • LE-6702 Calzadilla de los Hermanillos-Mansilla de las Mulas (El Burgo Ranero)
  • BU-403 Castrillo Mota de Judios-Carretera (Castrillo Mota de Judios)

Camino del Norte 

  • N-634 Zarautz-Deba (Deba)
  • AS-17 Oviedo-Avilés (Cervera)
  • N-632a Soto de Luiña-Cadavedo (Valdés)
  • N-634a Cadavedo-Luarca (Valdes). 

Via de la Plata 

  • N-525 O Castro-Silleda (Dozon)
  • Laza-Xunqueira de Ambia (Sarreas)
  • CC-84 Variant-Valdeobispo (Carcaboso-Valdeobispo)
  • LE-04 Benavente-Alija del Infantado (Alija del Infantado). 

Camino del Sureste 

  • CM-412 Fuente lamo-Petrola (Fuente lamo)
  • AB-219 Higueruela-Chinchilla de Montearagon (Hoya-Gonzalo)
  • AB-216 Almansa-Higueruela (Higueruela)
  • AB-302 Montealegre del Castillo-Petrola (Montealegre del Castillo)

Camino de Madrid 

  • M-607 Manzanares el Real-Cercedilla (Navacerrada)
  • VP-5501 Penaflor de Hornija-Medina de Rioseco (Penaflor de Hornija)
  • VA-920 Berrueces-Moral de la Reina (Tamariz de Campos). 

Camino del Delta del Ebro 

  • A-221 Fabara-Caspe (Caspe)
  • VP-024 Alagón-Gallur (Alagón)
  • VP-024 Alagón-Gallur (Alagón)
  • LR-288 Tudela-Alfaro (Alfaro). 

Camino Catalan 

  • A-130 Monzon-Berbegal (Monzon)
  • SC-22149-02 Bolea-Sarsamarcuello (Loarre)
  • A-1217 Berbegal-Pueyo de Fañanas (Alcala del Obispo)
  • HU-V-8411 Pueyo de Fañanás-Huesca (Blecua y Torres)

Camino de Sant Jaume 

  • N-II Bujaraloz-Pina de Ebro (Bujaraloz)
  • A-1107 Bujaraloz-Pina de Ebro (Pina de Ebro)
  • N-IIa Candasnos-Burjaraloz (Candasnos)
  • A-2213 Candasnos-Bujaraloz (Penalba)

Camino Ingles 

  • AC-214 A Coruna-Hospital de Bruma (Xira)
  • DP-0105 Betanzos Orders (San Esteban de Cos)
  • DP-0105 Betanzos Orders (Abegondo)
  • AC-462 Ordes-Agualada (Santiago de Compostela)

Camino Fixterra Musia 

  • DP-3404 Dumbria-Muxia (Dumbria)
  • AC-445 Corcubion-Cabo Fisterra (San Roque)
  • DP-5603 Negreira-Olveiroa (Negreira)
  • AC-448 Santiago de Compostela-Negreira (Negreira)

Camino Portugues 

  • PO-552A Guarda-Baiona (A Ermida)
  • EP-9407 Pontevedra-Caldas de Reis (O Curuto)
  • PO-552 Baiona-Castrelos (Vigo)
  • EP-3102 Baiona-Castrelos (Baiona) 
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