Volcano La Palma partially collapses and lava shoots high into the sky

by Lorraine Williamson
lava shoots into the air

LA PALMA – The volcanic eruption of the Cumbre Vieja on La Palma is increasing again after part of the volcano collapsed on Sunday evening. Lava shoots tens of metres into the air and flows en masse from the craters. The Spanish Prime Minister is now providing millions in support.  

Images from last night show lava shooting several tens of meters into the air. This situation is still ongoing on the island at the time of writing. The lava now flowing out of the crater has increased in speed and mass. 


Part volcano collapsed 

The volcanic eruption is increasing again is because part of the volcano collapsed around 9.10 pm on Sunday evening. This is the third time it has happened since mid-September. “The cone of the volcano is in constant motion and cannot support its own weight,” an expert told the Spanish news site 20minutos.es. 

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Explosions in crater of volcano 

The Spanish Geographical Institute (IGN), which has been monitoring the seismic activity of the volcano since September 11, registered several earthquakes since Sunday evening. Also this morning, two more earthquakes were registered with a magnitude of 3.7 and 3.4 on the Richter scale. Several explosions have been observed in the crater of the volcano. Gas bubbles in the magma cause these explosions, after which pieces of rock are launched from the volcano. 

Huge damage on Spanish island 

Since the eruption on September 19, the volcano has destroyed more than 900 homes. More than 6,000 islanders have since had to leave their homes because they live in a risk area. 30 kilometres of roads and banana plantations were damaged by the volcanic eruption. Half of La Palma’s economy revolves around the banana harvest. 

Support with millions of euros

The Spanish prime minister traveled to the Canary Island on Sunday and during a press conference, Pedro Sánchez promised €206 million in aid for the recovery of the island. Next Tuesday, the Spanish Council of Ministers will approve this by means of a Royal Decree. After his speech, Sánchez left for one of the hotels in Fuencaliente to visit the people who are temporarily staying here because they have been evacuated. 

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