UEFA Champions League 2022/23 Group Stages

by Lorraine Williamson
Champions League

FOOTBALL – Half-way into the Group stages of the UEFA Champions League 2022/23, and there is everything to play for. Some matches took place last night, and others are due to be played this evening.

There has been some excellent play from the UK and Spanish teams so far in the Champions League Group stages. The Groups are A to H. Winners and runners up from these eight groups will then advance to the knockout phase.

The knockout phase of the Champions League

The final 16, are put into two pots. One contains the winners of each group, and the other, the runners-up. A club is drawn from each pot to determine who plays against who. However, the conditions state that a winner and runner-up who played in the same group in the previous round cannot be drawn together. And, furthermore, clubs from the same domestic league cannot play one another.

The 16 then become 8 for the quarterfinals, then the knockout continues to the semi-finals. At these stages, clubs are drawn from one pot, culminating with the final in late May or early June.

Last night´s results

Liverpool v Rangers

Liverpool´s 2-0 win over Rangers has put them in the second spot in group A behind Napoli. Rangers have yet to win a point and sit bottom of the table.

Atletico Madrid

In Group B Atletico Madrid have only won one of their 3 matches putting them bottom of the table. They lost 0-2 last night against leaders Club Brugge.


Inter´s 1-0 win over Barcelona last night meant they took the 3 points. Consequently, Barcelona moved to third place in Group C.

Cogesa Expats

Tottenham in Group D held onto their 2nd place after a goalless draw against Eintracht Frankfurt.

Wednesday´s matches

There will be Champions League football action tonight again with the following UK and Spanish sides playing.

Chelsea v Milan

Bottom of group E, Chelsea need a win against top place Milan for them to see any upward movement in the table.

RP Leipzig v Celtic

A win for Celtic is also necessary for them to have a chance at staying out of trouble in group F

Real Madrid v Shakhtar Donetsk

Leaders of Group F take on second place Shakhtar Donetsk. A win for either side would mean top position.

Sevilla v Dortmund

Both teams will be looking for a win to be in that 2nd position in Group G behind leaders Man City.

Man City v Copehagan

With 2 wins from 2 games, and following their fantastic derby performance at the weekend, Man City will be looking to remain top of Group G

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