Transport strike in Spain cancelled after just one day

Transport strike in Spain cancelled after two days

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MADRID – The Platform for the Defense of Transport has decided to call off the indefinite strike. The protest started Sunday at midnight. In early November the platform announced the strike at the national level. The mobilizations had little follow-up on the first day.

In a statement, the platform said it had received thousands of calls from its partners about “disproportionate threats” from the shippers with the aim of the carriers not supporting the strike.

The strike which was announced on November 7 is not supported by any association of the National Road Transport Committee (CNTC). The trade associations considered the measures introduced by the government to meet carriers sufficient to the extent that in their view they did not justify an indefinite strike. Consequently, they decided not to support this strike.

The truck drivers’ strike started on Monday and received virtually no follow-up from the start. The previous strike in March this year cost the sector 600 million euros per day.

Earlier on Tuesday, the National Platform for the Defense of Road Transport decided to consult its employees. They wanted to inform them about the possibility of calling off the indefinite strike. In their opinion, the law prohibiting working below cost has been regularly violated. 

The strike has caused no changes or problems in logistics hubs, ports or border crossings. The opposite was true for the haulier strike in March which led to chaos. Furthermore, supermarkets in the whole country registered shortages of fresh products and even shortages in food supply.

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