To see! Bear in Spain takes a dip in a reservoir to cool off

by Lorraine Williamson
bear takes a dip

ASTORGA – The wave of heat that is spreading across the country these days makes for remarkable images. Like that of a bear taking a refreshing dip in the Riaño reservoir in the province of León.

The images were taken on Wednesday, July 12, by a resident of Riaño, south of the Picos de Europa mountain region. You can see how the animal walks into the water and swims there for a short while, before climbing back to the side, shaking itself off and running into the undergrowth. 

At the end of May, a cute video starring bears also circulated on social media in Spain. This time it concerned two bear cubs who crossed the road while playing in front of the astonished eyes of the motorists present. 

These images were made at Astro de Somiedo in Asturias. The cubs played a bit with each other and were not at all shocked by the car from which they were filmed. And not even when another car came from the other side. The boy’s mother was not seen, and after a few minutes, they disappeared back into the bushes. 

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The growing bear population in Spain 

In the areas where the recordings were made, it is not uncommon to see bears. Close to Astro de Somiedo is the Somiedo Natural Park, which is home to a modest but slowly growing bear population. About a third of all bears in the Cantabrian Mountains live here. That is why you see special traffic signs here that warn of crossing bears. 

Across Spain, the bear population would now reach 400 individuals. They live in the Pyrenees, Picos de Europa, the province of Zamora and Somiedo. 

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