Three Spanish Destinations Among the Most Spiritual Places on Earth

by Lorraine Williamson

It seems a sign of our time that nearly 21,000 people search Google every month for a ‘spiritual awakening’. However, that can be done in many ways. For example, you can examine your beliefs, clear your mind, learn to let go, or go on a journey of reflection. 

For many, travelling is the ultimate way to reflect on daily life which is often taken over by the issues of the day. Therefore, a period of immersion in a completely different culture can change your view of the world and the way you live your life forever. Consequently, many who experience such a journey publish about it on social media. 

Therefore, the online platform Psychic World, dedicated to the psychic and spiritual world, has drawn up a list of the top 20 spiritual travel destinations. Moreover, this is based on an analysis of no fewer than 164,594,628 hashtags on social media. 

Furthermore, in the top 20 best spiritual travel destinations, 3 are in Spain. These are Ibiza (Balearic Islands), Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña) and Montserrat (Barcelona). Moreover, they lend themselves perfectly to a ‘cleansing of the mind’, to take the time to examine your beliefs, learn to let go and focus on your well-being”. 

As a result, the largest number of hashtags associated with spiritualism on Instagram was used by the psychic world as its criterion. 

Cogesa Expats

For example, Ibiza has been selected in second place, with more than 16 million tags on Instagram. Meanwhile Santiago de Compostela (more than 1.5 million) and Montserrat (nearly 800,000) occupy positions 12 and 20 respectively. 

The complete top 20 best spiritual travel destinations is: 

  • Istanbul (Turkey): 92,468,514 hashtags 
  • Ibiza (Spain): 16.262.531 
  • Kiyomizu-dera Temple (Kyoto, Japan): 15,417.174 
  • Goa (India): 7,811,479 
  • Tulum (Mexico): 5,468.291 
  • Ubud (Indonesia): 4,632,544 
  • Santa Fe (US): 2,802,200 
  • Amritsara (India): 2,695,261 
  • Byron Bay (Australia): 2,669,304 
  • Machu Picchu (Peru): 1,713,269 
  • Cathedral Rock Sedona (Arizona, USA): 1,629,553 
  • Angkor Wat Temple (Indonesia): 1,563,600 
  • Santiago de Compostela (Spain): 1.499.676 
  • Mecca (Saudi Arabia): 1,442,744 
  • Borobudur Temple (Indonesia): 1.274.255 
  • Mashhad (Iran): 1,222,658 
  • Lake Manitou (Canada): 1.214.264 
  • Varanasi (India): 1,125,775 
  • Rishikesh (India): 889,589 
  • Montserrat (Spain): 791,947 


Moreover, Ibiza is often mentioned in the same breath as spirituality. Also, the island is said to be subject to special energy. Therefore, this conviction has led many spiritual therapists or centres to organise reflection weeks or otherwise meet people who are looking for reflection. 

Santiago de Compostela 

Santiago de Compostela is the endpoint of perhaps the most famous pilgrimage in the world: El Camino de Santiago. The most common route is from France, crossing the Pyrenees and northwestern Spain and leading to this town close to Spain’s west coast. Therefore, the real endpoint of the pilgrimage is the cathedral. 


Montserrat is also called the spiritual heart of Catalonia. Because, a special nature reserve, high up and with steep rocks, guards the patron saint, La Moreneta. The famous Benedictine monastery located there and the Santuari de Maria de Montserrat attract daily pilgrims who come for nature, the tranquility, and the special atmosphere. 


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