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Firstly, what is the Padron?  The Padron is like the voters’ roll or census in the UK.  It registers the population in a specific town and is recorded by the Town Hall. The Padron certificate contains details of your official address, a list of the people living at that address, and their NIE numbers.

Obtaining the Padron

To obtain the certificate, you must visit the Town Hall in the area where you live.  If you have more than one residence in Spain, you can only register on the Padron at one location.  Being registered on the Padron allows you the right to vote in the local, regional, national, or European elections. 

Government funding

As you are also included in the census, it means the local authorities can calculate more accurately the public service requirements for each area.  Basically, as more people are officially registered on the Padron, more services are required and in turn, the local authority can apply for more funds the from central government.

Becoming resident

To become a resident, you must register on the Padron.   The Padron certificate is also necessary to enable you to carry out other functions whilst living in Spain such as: changing your driving license for a Spanish one, obtaining your Spanish health card, and registering your children at a local school. 

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These reasons are practical reasons for having the certificate, but there are also financial reasons that having the Padron is beneficial.  If you ever require to apply for any grants or financial assistance, then proof of being a resident is necessary. There are many other reasons why you should have the Padron, but these tend to be the main ones.

You should update the certificate periodically if there are any changes to your address, particularly if you move to a different town.  Also, if you must make any new applications, you may need to provide a more up to date version.  This is just a simple case of returning to the town hall with your paperwork, rental documentation, or mortgage agreement, and you will receive a stamped update there and then.  Otherwise, it is not strictly necessary to update it.

Applying for the Padron

The application process itself is straightforward and usually only requires one trip to the town hall.  However, as with most documentation processes in Spain, it is always best to ensure you have copies of all documentation. 

If you are the owner or renter of a property, you will require the following:

  • Title deeds of your property/rental agreement
  • Passport
  • Utility bill (this must be recent)
  • NIE or TIE



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