The Christmas lights are turned on in cities of Spain on these dates

by Lorraine Williamson
Christmas lights

Blink and the holidays are just around the corner. Christmas lovers will be served their beck and call in the coming weeks with the lighting of the traditional Christmas lights in Spain. Furthermore, these cities have already announced their plans and dates. 

After another special year due to the pandemic, many Spanish cities are doing everything they can to maintain traditions and make it as atmospheric as possible in the city. Various newspapers and magazines have annually paid attention to the most beautiful Christmas lights in different cities in Spain in recent decades. 


This year, for example, El Periódico makes a top 20 of the most beautiful Christmas lights in European cities. According to this Spanish newspaper, Málaga is rightly one of the twenty European cities with the most beautiful. Especially the Calle Larios is mentioned as a real must-see. And there, in Málaga, on November 26, they will be lit. 


Besides Málaga, Madrid is also mentioned as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe during Christmas. Not only the Christmas lights are beautiful in the Spanish capital, according to European Best Destinations a visit to one of the Festive markets in Madrid should be high on the list of priorities. In Madrid, the lights are always lit on the last Thursday of November. So, this year, this event is scheduled for November 25. 


Although Málaga and Madrid are the only Spanish cities to be named in this European top-20, El Periódico thinks the beautiful Christmas lights in Vigo are worth mentioning. During the Festive season, more than 11 million lights illuminate this magical city in Galicia. It is special to mention that LED lighting will be used in Vigo. These will be lit on November 20. 


Also in the Catalan capital, countless lights will be visible during the Festive period. Although the lights have already been installed in some streets of Barcelona, ​​they will not be officially lit until November 24. 


In Valencia, the Christmas lights will not be lit until December. The municipality of Valencia has invested extra this year in more Christmas lights. Although the tree on Playa del Ayuntamiento will not be seen this year, the municipality does promise an audiovisual spectacle with two illuminated balls of 15 and 11 metres in diameter in the square. The exact date is still unknown but the lighting will be on display in Valencia from the beginning of December. 


In Seville, too, the municipality announced an additional investment for the city’s Christmas lights. On November 26, it will be lit in the southern Spanish city. 

The Christmas lights will be on display in many Spanish cities until January 6, during Epiphany. This holiday marks the end of Christmas. 

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