The Archdiocese of Granada wants us to pray en masse for rain

by Lorraine Williamson
pray for rain

PROVINCIA DE GRANADA – The Archdiocese of Granada has asked priests, faithful and lay people in the province to pray en masse for rain. Southern Spain is currently experiencing a severe drought. The reservoirs in the province are only 25.9% full. 

The Archbishop, Javier Martínez, has made the request several times. One such time was just last week on November 1. It was during the canonical coronation mass of the Virgen de la Soledad. “In many regions of Spain, in our Andalucian Community and also in our diocese, we have been suffering for months from the lack of rain. Moreover, it is getting worse by the day. The drought affects us all: our fields, crops and pastures. The lack of water affects our mountains, river networks, springs, swamps and ultimately our domestic, agricultural and industrial consumption,” the statement said. 

“Water is a gift from God” 

“Water is a gift from God that we receive with gratitude. We must use it responsibly and share it with solidarity. The Lord has taught us to pray every day for nourishment, both material and spiritual. But praying for rain is today is also very necessary,” he added. 

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So the Archbishops invite everyone to, “following this scarcity and trusting the Word of God which tells us ‘ask and it will be given’, ask for rain. “So that the Creator will give us the abundant rain we need. And without causing floods and other disasters. He will know when and how to send it to us, but let’s keep asking.” 

The prayer “Ask for rain”

The question to priests is to include the request for rain in the prayers of the mass. Especially on Sunday and eve, as well as in the praying of the rosary; in the Eucharist, if liturgically permitted. The suggested prayer is “Ask for rain” (Mass for various needs no. 35, p. 1049 of the Roman Missal). That is as follows; 

“God our Father, Lord of heaven and earth. You are our existence, energy and life. You have created man in Your image and likeness, so that with their work they may cause the riches of the earth to bear fruit and thus cooperate with your creation. 

We are aware of our misery and weakness. We can do nothing without you. You, good father, who makes the sun shine on everyone and make the rain fall, have mercy on those who suffer during the drought in these days. 

Please listen with confidence to the prayers your Church directs to you, as you have listened to the pleas of the prophet Elijah, who interceded for his people. Let the coveted rain fall from the sky on the barren land, so that the fruits are reborn and man and beast are saved. May the rain be for us the sign of your grace and blessing. 

So, comforted by your mercy, we thank thee for every gift of earth and heaven, with which thy Spirit quench our thirst. 

Through Jesus Christ, thy Son, who hath revealed thy love unto us, a fountain of living water springing forth unto eternal life.” Amen. 

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