Summer weather in Spain comes to an end with temperatures dropping

by Lorraine Williamson
temperatures dropping

MADRID – The weather is still lovely in many parts of Spain, especially on the Mediterranean coast. Although the days are shorter and the mornings and evenings cooler. On Wednesday, however, the ‘veranillo‘ of October will come to an end. 

The mercury is starting to fall but the rains that are normal at this time of year will not be forthcoming as yet. According to the forecasts of the Spanish weather institute Aemet for the coming week, temperatures will drop from Wednesday to Friday. It is not expected to be a sudden drop. However, it is wise to take this into account by carrying an extra vest or jacket with you. 

On Monday, however, it is still very summery in many places in Spain with temperatures that could exceed 30 degrees. These temperatures are expected in the middle of the day in the Canary Islands and around and south of the Guadalquivir in Andalucia. In the eastern quarter of the Iberian Peninsula and on the Balearic Islands, blue skies predominate with a few clouds here and there. The rest of the peninsula sees little cloud and mostly blue skies. 

Cogesa Expats

On Tuesday the weather is generally the same as Monday. But from Wednesday, a depression will set in in the northwest of the country and could lead to showers in Galicia, Cantabria, and the Pyrenees. 

Little by little, temperatures will drop from Wednesday to Friday and then remain stable over the weekend. Still, the weather will be mostly nice on Saturday and Sunday due to an anticyclone. This is an area of ​​the atmosphere where the pressure is much higher than in the surrounding areas. Furthermore, this produces good weather, clear skies, and the occasional fog or haze. 

No sign of rain yet 

Despite the worrying drought Spain is facing, the forecasts show no signs of rain. With the exception of a few showers in the far north of the country. José Manuel Viñas says on Meteored: ‘At the moment there is no typical autumnal episode coming up. It is predictable that the stable atmospheric situation will determine the weather pattern until after the weekend, so we don’t see any rain yet’. 

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