Special luminous trails in the sky spotted from Spain and France

by Lorraine Williamson

Great confusion arose among the population of some regions in the north of Spain. On Monday evening, luminous trails appeared in the sky in the most unusual shapes. Immediately the strangest theories and photos popped up on social media. 

In the evening from Monday to Tuesday, special luminous trails were seen in the sky above Navarre, Catalonia, Aragon and the southwest French coast. They resembled traces left by airplanes, but in the most unusual forms. A few minutes after these shapes became visible, the first photos appeared on social media. Various theories about the origin of these forms have also been discussed. 

Conspiracy theories about the creation of special luminous traces 

For example, one theory is ‘chemtrails’, a conspiracy in which aircraft poison the population from the air through chemicals. Others directly blamed Elon Musk for these traces and one of his latest experiments with SpaceX. 

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This is the real reason for the luminous trails in the skies of northern Spain 

However, after a few hours, the redeeming answer came: These luminous shapes are the result of a series of planned missile tests by the national French army. The tests from the airbase of Cazaux in France were scheduled from 10.00 pm on the evenings of 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30 June. This means that these special shapes will also be on display in the coming evenings. 

In order to carry out these tests, an area of 2,000 kilometers in the Bay of Biscay has been cordoned off. From the Basque Country, but also from the aforementioned Spanish regions, these luminous traces can therefore be clearly seen when there are no clouds. 

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