Spanish village sentenced for death of man who saved bather

by Lorraine Williamson
La Oliva negligent

LA OLIVA – The city council of the tourist town of La Oliva on Fuerteventura is responsible for the death of Arturo F.B. This man died while rescuing a bather in distress on the beach of Tebeto in the Canary Island. 

This has been ruled by the Supreme Court of the Canary Islands (TSJC). The incident took place on April 15, 2020, on this beach, which is known to be dangerous. Moreover, the beach had no lifeguard or danger warning signs. The deceased man, a local resident, did not hesitate for a moment and jumped into the water to save a woman in distress. His rescue attempt was successful, however, he himself died. 

Necessary information about danger was missing 

Despite the City Council’s defence claiming that Arturo knew and assumed the risks when he carried out the rescue. And that, consequently, they were therefore not financially responsible, the TSJC rejected this claim. According to reports from Expansión, the verdict states that the deceased “made a noble decision, but not the right one due to the lack of necessary information, such as a red flag or danger signals, that would have warned him of the real danger”. 

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Compensation of €240,000

The verdict states that it is the “entire responsibility of the harmful outcome of the City Council of La Oliva, the owner of the service” because they failed to ensure that the danger was indicated with a red flag or by closing the beach. That is why the city council has been ordered to pay the victim’s family compensation of €240,000. 

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