Spanish regions new corona measures

by Lorraine Williamson
Spanish regions corona restriction

In view of the third corona wave, various Spanish regions had tightened their measures in recent weeks. However, some are now opting for a slight relaxation. But the pressure on hospitals remains unchanged in Spain. 

Relaxation in Spanish regions mainly applies to the catering industry 

As the pandemic continues, the difference between the corona policies pursued among the different regions is widening. Madrid is clearly opting for more and more relaxation and hopes to save the economy. But other Spanish regions are holding on to the restrictions to cope with this third corona wave. Below is an overview of each of the Spanish regions. 


In Andalucia, the provincial lockdown of Sevilla, Huelva and Jaén has been cancelled. This is because the incidence there is now below 500 per 100 thousand inhabitants. However, provincial lockdown does still apply to Almería, Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada and Málaga. But in the provinces of Almería and Málaga, the incidence is again below 1000. Therefore non-essential shops and catering are reopening. 

A perimeter lockdown applies to 293 municipalities with an incidence of more than 500. Of these, 78 municipalities have an incidence of 1000 or more. Furthermore, here all non-essential shops and catering will remain closed until at least 19 February. Click here for the latest figures. 

The regional lockdown will remain in effect until at least the beginning of May.  And as such, restaurants and shops throughout the region will have to close at 6:00 PM. However, essential shops and supermarkets can close later. After this time, no more alcohol may be sold. The maximum group size is four people. 


The regional and provincial lockdown also remains in force in Aragón. A municipal lockdown applies to all municipalities with an incidence of 250 or more. This applies to Taragoza, Teruel, Calatayud, Alcañiz, Utebo, Ejea de los Caballeros and Cuarte. The maximum group size remains at four people. 

From Wednesday, there will be a relaxation in the province of Huesca.  And the shops and catering establishments may again extend their opening hours at the weekend to 20:00. But in the other provinces of Aragón, the closing time remains at 6:00 pm on weekends and until 8:00 pm on working days. However, the exceptions to this are the municipalities of Teruel, Calatayud and Alcañiz, where the non-essential shops and restaurants have to close at 6:00 pm all week. 

The catering establishments may only use their terrace areas, with a maximum capacity of 50%. In addition, all gyms will remain closed. 


In Asturias, the regional lockdown remains in effect, with catering and non-essential stores closing at 8:00 PM. Also, there is a smoking ban on catering terraces. Moreover, people who are obliged to remain in quarantine must report this to the regional security services that administer it. 

The group size is six people, with the exception of the catering industry where a maximum of four people may come together (both inside and outside). Service at the bar is not permitted. 

Cultural activities may take place for a maximum of 300 people, with sufficient distance between them (1.5 metres). And wearing a mouth mask is mandatory. Outdoor sports are allowed with a maximum of 15 people with a social distance of at least two metres. In addition, gyms are open, with a maximum group size of six people. 

There is a municipal lockdown for Avilés, Corvera, Castrillón, Oviedo, Cangas del Narcea, Gozón, Noreña, Gijón, Mieres, San Martín del Rey Aurelio, Grado, Lena, Aller, Carreño, Valdés, Salas, Laviana and Siero. Non-essential shops and gyms remain closed here. But catering is only open outside.  The maximum group size is four people. And home visits are not allowed. Furthermore, all recreational and business events have been cancelled. The terraces of the catering industry are also closed in Lena and Aller. 

Balearic Islands 

Travellers to the Balearic Islands coming from an area with an incidence above 150 must show a negative PCR test. A perimeter lockdown applies to the islands of Formentera and Ibiza. 

On Formentera, Ibiza and Mallorca, only members from the same household are allowed to be together. And all catering establishments are closed until at least 1 March. Also non-essential stores must close by 8:00 PM, essential stores by 10:00 PM. Futhermore, in Mallorca, cinemas and theaters have a maximum visitor capacity of 50%. 

In Menorca, all interior areas of bars and restaurants are closed (terraces with a capacity of 30%). And the curfew starts at 10 PM. Also non-essential stores have a maximum capacity of 50%. And the maximum group size is six people. 

Nursing home residents who have been vaccinated are allowed to leave the institution. However, if they are absent for more than 72 hours, they must undergo a PCR test before entry. 

Canary Islands 

In the Canary Islands, measures have been tightened with a view to carnival. Until February 22, curfews will be in effect at 10:00 PM on all islands. Also group sizes are limited to 6 people in Tenerife, La Palma, Fuerteventura, El Hiero and La Gomera. But to a maximum of two people in Lanzarote. In addition, parties of all kinds are prohibited. And the catering industry closes at 10 PM on all islands, except Lanzarote where the doors close at 6 PM. 

All incoming travellers must provide a negative corona test no more than 72 hours old. This is still valid until at least 27 February. Furthermore, people are not allowed in or out of Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and La Graciosa. 


The maximum group size in Cantabria is six people, non-essential shops must close at 9:30 p.m. and interior catering areas remain closed. Terraces may be used up to half their capacity. Arcades and casinos will remain closed. And the maximum capacity for all cultural and sports activities has been reduced to one third. 

The shopping centres will close on weekends for an indefinite period. Companies must close the communal areas and canteens have a maximum capacity of 50%. Also the capacity for libraries, museums, monuments, cinemas, auditoriums, etc. has been reduced to a third. Changing rooms and shower rooms of sports complexes will remain closed and the presence of the public is prohibited. Sports are prohibited on beaches and in parks between 20:00 and 08:00. 

The municipal lockdown of Laredo, Colindres, Santa María de Cayón and Polanco has been lifted. 

Castile-La Mancha 

In Castile-La Mancha, a regional lockdown applies and the maximum group size is six people. The curfew starts here at 10:00 PM and is valid until 7:00 AM. All state and municipal lockdowns have been lifted. 

The catering industry in Castile-La Mancha has reopened. However, guests need a QR code to enter. Additionally, this code should facilitate source and contact investigation in case of contamination. The capacity inside has been reduced to a third, outside to half. All catering closes at 9 p.m. 

With a third of the maximum capacity, shops, shopping centres, museums and libraries are allowed to reopen.  And hotels can make use of half their capacity again. 

Only in Toledo, Torrijos and Casarrubios is there still a municipal lockdown. And as such, all catering establishments, gyms, saunas, libraries, museums and arcades will remain closed. 

Nursing home visits remain prohibited throughout the region. 

Castile and León 

At least until May, a perimeter lockdown applies in this region. The curfew starts at 8:00 PM and is valid until 6:00 AM. There is a provincial and a municipal lockdown throughout the region. The maximum group size is four people until May 9. 

Cogesa Expats

All shopping centres and gyms will remain closed until at least 23 February. In the open air there are no restrictions for sports activities. Although indoor areas of bars and restaurants remain closed, terraces are allowed to open. All Semana Santa celebrations have been cancelled throughout the region. 

In 53 municipalities with a high covid incidence, all terraces, museums and theatres remain closed. Shops close here at 6:00 PM. 


In Catalonia, curfews will continue from 10 PM to 6 AM. The maximum group size is six people, with a maximum of two different households. Catering establishments may open both their indoor and outdoor spaces from 07:30 to 10:30 and again from 13:00 to 16:30. Outside these hours, take-away meals are allowed. Non-essential stores and malls should remain closed on weekends, with the exception of bookstores. Cultural events, museums and libraries are allowed to remain open with half the visitor capacity. Gyms have a maximum capacity of 30%, a maximum group size of six people and an obligation to wear masks. 

Nursing home visits are allowed by appointment. 


The catering industry in Extremadura will be open again from 12 February from 07:00 to 18:00 with 50% of the capacity on the terraces and 40% in the interior spaces. A group of a maximum of four people may be seated per table. 

Shopping centres are open again with 30% of the visitor capacity. Also museums and other cultural institutions have reopened in this region. However, with advance reservations only, groups of up to six people and a maximum capacity of 40%. A maximum capacity of 30% applies to theatres and cinemas. 

All lockdowns have been lifted, with the exception of municipalities with more than 3 thousand inhabitants and an incidence of more than 500. 

Non-essential stores are open again Monday to Friday until 6:00 PM and Saturday morning until 2:00 PM. 

Basque Country 

A municipal lockdown applies throughout the Basque Country. The Supreme Court of the Basque Country recently banned the closure of bars and restaurants. Therefore bars and restaurants are allowed in the entire region until 8 p.m. 


In Galicia, measures will be relaxed from Wednesday 17 February.  But the catering industry will remain closed for the next week. As soon as the catering industry opens, visitor registration will be mandatory. All non-essential stores are allowed to stay open until 9:00 PM, shopping centres must remain closed on weekends. Curfew continues to apply at 10:00 PM

Outdoor sports are allowed again from 17 February. Libraries, theatres and other cultural institutions will reopen with 30% of the maximum capacity. Physical education will start again at the universities from 1 March. 


In the Madrid region, a group of up to six people may share a table in the outdoor catering industry. But indoors this is a maximum of four people. All catering and non-essential stores must close by 9:00 PM. However, meals can still be delivered until midnight. Wearing a mouth mask in bars and restaurants is no longer just a recommendation, but is mandatory from now on. 

It remains forbidden to receive visitors at home, with the exception of singles who are still allowed to receive members from one other household. 

As of last Monday, seven new base zones have been added for which a lockdown and stricter measures apply. 

From Thursday 18 February, the curfew will be moved from 10 PM to 11 PM. Also shops and restaurants may then remain open until 10 PM


The Murcia government maintains the perimeter lockdown, as well as the evening curfew, which starts at 10:00 PM. The terraces of bars and restaurants will open again from Wednesday 17 February. Only members of a household, or two people from different households, may sit per table. This was already the case in 20 municipalities in this region. 

A perimeter lockdown will remain in force in six municipalities. And the catering terraces will also remain closed here. This is the case in Ulea, Beniel, Yecla, Abarán, Pliego and Cieza. 

Here a maximum group size of two people from different households applies. Home visits are not allowed. In the rest of Murcia, a maximum of two people from another household may be received at home. 


In Navarre, the prohibition on home visits is maintained. Outside, a maximum group size of six people applies. The regional lockdown will remain in effect, as will the curfew from 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM.

Bars and restaurants are allowed to open their terraces. Additionally, there is a smoking ban if you cannot keep a distance of two metres. And everything must be closed at 9:00 PM. However, meals can be delivered at home until11:00 PM. 

La Rioja 

The municipal lockdown remains in force in La Rioja. Non-essential shops will remain closed and bars and restaurants may only deliver meals or have takeout. Social contacts with people other than one’s own household are prohibited. Curfew remains in effect from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM. Furthermore, these measures will in any case remain in force until 23 February. 


A regional lockdown will still apply in Valencia until at least 1 March. The curfew from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM will be maintained. The maximum group size is two people if they come from different households. No visitors may be received at home. 

For all residents of six years and older, a mask is mandatory in public spaces. In nature reserves and on beaches outside the cities, no masking is required, but its use is recommended. 

Bars and restaurants in Valencia will remain closed at least until March 1, but delivery or take-out is allowed. All non-essential stores close at 6:00 PM. Hotels are only allowed to serve meals to their guests. Additionally, all sports complexes and gyms, saunas, beauty salons, arcades and other recreational areas will remain closed. However, cinemas and theatres may remain open at a reduced capacity. 

For 16 municipalities, including the city of Valencia, Alicante, Castellón, Gandia, Benidorm Torrent and Torrevieja, a municipal lockdown applies on weekends. Drones are used in Valencia to enforce the measures. 

Ceuta and Melilla 

Ceuta has a perimeter lockdown and a curfew from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM. The maximum group size is two people, both outside and at home. The catering industry closes at 10:00 PM. However, meals can be delivered at home until midnight. 

There is also a perimetral lockdown in Melilla, where the curfew starts at 10:00 PM. The maximum group size in public areas is four people. Also all leisure, sports and cultural events have been cancelled. All non-essential shops and restaurants close at 7:00 PM. And essential stores close at 9:30 PM. Meals can still be delivered to your home until 9:30 PM.


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