Spanish holiday homes not affected by corona crisis

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holiday homes in Spain

MADRID – The corona pandemic has not limited the supply of Spanish holiday homes. The Spanish statistics agency INE researched the supply in August and counted more than 320,000 tourist apartments despite the corona crisis.

These figures were recently published by the National Institute of Statistics (INE). The study focused on the supply of holiday homes and apartments in Spain offered via online platforms. Moreover, it took place in August, less than six months after the outbreak of the coronavirus in Spain.

Surprising conclusion

August is normally one of the peak months of tourism in Spain. As such, this month 321,496 apartments were offered for tourists in Spain. However, homeowners used the corona period en masse to renovate or prepare their vacation homes for sale or regular rental. Nevertheless, the number of holiday homes on offer rose to over 320,000 homes this month.

Madrid and Barcelona far above average offer in Spain

In total, tourist apartments in Spain make up 1.3% of the total number of homes. This percentage is higher in Barcelona and Madrid; both cities represent 10.6% of the total number of holiday accommodations.

The Centro (7.571), Barrio de Salamanca (1.209), and Chamberí (1.057) districts in Madrid have the most tourist apartments in the Spanish capital. However, in Barcelona, ​​the neighborhoods Eixample (5,875), Ciutat Vella (4,086), and Sants – Montjuic (1,952) are the most popular.

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Largest tourist offer in Andalusia, Catalonia, and Valencia

Also the Spanish regions with the largest supply of holiday homes are Andalucia (67,392), Catalonia (63,199), and Valencia (54,638).

Whereas the Spanish Costas, Islands, and Madrid are at the forefront of the largest selection of tourist apartments.

Alicante (35,716), Malaga (34,567), the Balearic Islands (29,237), Barcelona (25,956), and Girona (22,106) offer the most residential properties for tourists.

Navarre (1,071), La Rioja (1,139), and Extremadura (1,366) are the three Spanish regions with the lowest tourist accommodation offer.

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