Spain scraps isolation and testing obligation in mild corona cases

by Lorraine Williamson
mild corona no need to isolate

MADRID – Spain will soon enter a new phase in its approach to the corona crisis: From March 28, people who may be infected no longer need to be tested and, if asymptomatic or with minor complaints, no longer have to be isolated. 

At the time of writing, people should be tested if they experience symptoms. There is also a 7-day isolation obligation when someone tests positive for Covid-19. However, from Monday March 28, this will be a thing of the past. People who have been infected with corona, are asymptomatic or only have minor complaints, will be regarded as flu cases from that moment on. 

The result of this decision is that these people will no longer need to be in isolation. Furthermore, from Monday, there will no longer be a test obligation. 

No isolation and testing obligation, but a call for responsibility 

The Ministry of Health calls on people to take responsibility. If someone has concerns or knows they are infected with Covid-19, they are advised to stay indoors. They should also limit contact with vulnerable people and wear a mask if this advice cannot be complied with. 

Spain focuses on the most vulnerable target groups 

With this new vision on the corona approach, Spain focuses mainly on the corona cases that are in the worst condition; people who have to be hospitalised or even in intensive care because of their Covid infection. Public health refers to people over the age of 60, healthcare staff and pregnant women. 

One of the last pieces of advice that still stands is to wear a face mask inside and in public areas. However, according to experts, it is only a matter of a few weeks before this measure remains in place. Furthermore, some of them expect this measure to expire around Semana Santa. 

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