Spain completes first gas supply to Morocco

by Lorraine Williamson
gas supply

Spain has started supplying gas to Morocco through the Magreb Pipeline (GME). In connection with the conflict between Algeria and Morocco, in which Spain has recently become involved, Spain guarantees that the gas does not come from Algeria. 

“On the basis of trade relations and good neighbourly relations, the first gas supply through the Maghreb pipeline, which Morocco previously purchased on international markets, was unloaded at a Spanish regasification plant on Tuesday, June 28,” sources from Spain’s Ministry of Ecological Transition said. Spanish media. 

Algeria closed gas route after crisis with Morocco 

This route was closed by Algeria in 2021 after the escalation of the diplomatic crisis with Rabat. However, the gas is currently flowing in an unusual direction. It is moving from north to south rather than the other way around, as it originally did. 

Earlier this month, Algeria decided to freeze trade and political relations with Spain. The freezing of relations and breaking of the friendship treaty is a response to the abrupt change of position of the president of the Spanish government on the issue of Western Sahara. 

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Spain becomes embroiled in Algeria and Morocco conflict 

The already pretty bad relationship between Algeria and Morocco came under even more tension. Spain’s decision to help Morocco left Spain also embroiled in the conflict, after which Algeria reiterated that “not a single cubic metre of gas would ever go to its enemy again”. 

Spain guarantees that gas will not come from Algeria 

Since then, the fuel, which arrives in the Maghreb region from Spain, has been purchased by Morocco on the international market, unloaded into Spanish regasification plants and pumped south through pipelines. Morocco itself does not have such installations, unlike Spain, which has six at its disposal. The Spanish Ministry emphasises that the gas “definitely does not come from Algeria”. 

The first shipment of gas via Spain took place on Tuesday 28 June. This confirms data from the administrator of the system, Enagás. Furthermore, Spain receives compensation from Morocco for the use of the Spanish infrastructure. 


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