Spain changes vaccination strategy once again

by Lorraine Williamson
vaccination strategy

Spain has changed its vaccination strategy for the fourth time. However, this time, the Spanish Ministry has specified nine target groups. Additionally, it is also considering a separate approach for Spaniards under the age of 55 who have been infected with Covid-19. 

Spanish vaccine strategy is similar to many countries 

Since ordering vaccines, the Spanish government has been working on who should be first to be vaccinated against Covid-19. Similarly like many countries, Spain vaccinates mainly according to age – from old to young – and gives priority to various target groups. 

Nine target groups for vaccination in Spain

Moreover, new insights into the development of the virus continue to emerge. Also the situation often changes due to the availability of vaccines. Therefore, Spain changed its vaccination strategy for the fourth time on Friday. The official document is held by the Spanish newspaper El País.

schematic overview shows the nine groups that will be vaccinated in the order mentioned below:

Cogesa Expats
  • 1: Residents of nursing homes and staff  
  • 2: Primary care personnel
  • 3: Other healthcare personnelother contact professions and prison personnel 
  • 4: Persons dependent on care (third degree)
  • 5: Elderly (80 years and olderfrom 70 to 79, from 60 to 69 years)
  • 6: Persons with necessary professions 
  • 7: Persons under the age of 60 with a fragile health
  • 8: Persons between 56 and 59 years old 
  • 9: Persons between 45 and 55 years old 

The speed of vaccination differs in each Spanish region. However, some are already prepared to vaccinate the over 80s from the fifth group. Furthermore, as the Spanish government expects many more vaccines to be available from April, it will be the turn of people under 55 years of age. For the time beingthis will be the first target group to receive the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Special treatment for ex-Covid patients in Spain 

Various media outlets, including El País and LaSextawrote on Friday that the Public Health Council is investigating to vaccinate people under the age of 55 previously infected with Covid-19. As such, they would receive just one dose six months after their infection. This is with the idea of ​​stimulating the immunesystem. Meanwhile, the question is whether and when a second dose should be administered. Spain is also monitoring investigations in other countries in this area and will be taking a decision on this shortly.

This is how the vaccination strategy is progressing in Spain 

Vaccination in Spain has been slow to start. But this is mainly due to Spain not receiving all of the promised vaccines. Also something that many countries are currently experiencing. 

According to the official website of the Ministry of Health, 5.03% of the Spanish population has received the first dose of the vaccines. Moreover, 2.65% of Spaniardswhich equates to over 1.2million people, have been fully vaccinated. 

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