Snow, rain and wind hit Spain during the start of Semana Santa holiday

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Especially now that many Spaniards are on holiday, during Semana Santa before Easter, the Spanish weather services predict a significant change in the weather. With the arrival of a cold front, it is also questionable whether the many processions can continue.

The Semana Santa holiday attracts thousands of spectators every year. However, the Spanish weather service AEMET warns of drastic weather changes, which may mean that many processions have to be cancelled. After a few stable and warm days, a cold front is now approaching on Monday March 25. Showers will spread into the south and east of the Peninsula. It may also rain in the western part of the Spanish mainland.

Code yellow for snowfall, wind and rain

There is a warning of precipitation, wind and high waves in eleven provinces. Code yellow applies to snowfall for Asturias, Cantabria, León, Palencia and Zamora. For Pontevedra, Almería, Cádiz and Murcia there is a warning of wind gusts that can reach 50-60 kilometres per hour. Cádiz and Huelva will also have to take rainfall of up to 15 millilitres per hour into account.

Significant drop in temperatures and chance of snow

Due to the arrival of cold air from the northwest, temperatures will drop. The snow line drops to 600 metres in parts of the northern plateau. In addition, it may snow during the afternoon in the Cantabrian mountain areas and high in the Pyrenees.

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The cold will last at least until Thursday. Afterwards, warmer air is expected and temperatures may rise again. Nevertheless, it may continue to snow in the mountain areas later this week. The weather changes on this Holy Monday before Easter will see a drastic change on the thermometers, with a drop of about 10 degrees.

Warmer weather possible from Wednesday

In the run-up to Easter, warmer air is expected from Wednesday, March 27. Temperatures are therefore expected to rise. However, it will remain relatively cold for this time of year, according to AEMET’s forecast.

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