Sergio (Kun) Agüero says goodbye to football and his fans

by Lorraine Williamson
Kun -

FOOTBALL – Kun made an emotional farewell statement at a press conference on December 15 at Camp Nou. The Argentinian officially announced his retirement from football due to a heart condition.

The striker´s last game for Argentina resulted in a 1-0 victory over Brazil to win the Copa America. Furthermore, has had an amazing legacy throughout his career – 427 goals, five Premier Leagues, seven domestic cups, one Europa League title, and one Copa America.


However, on October 30, striker, Kun was taken off during the Barcelona game against Aláves. Stunned players and fans saw him collapse to the ground with chest pains.

FC Barcelona

This was only his 5th game in a Barcelona shirt. And, at the time, Barça estimated he would not be fit to play for at least three months. However, following extensive checks, the medical recommendation is that Kun should not compete in high-performance sports.

33-year-old Kun made his decision to hang up his boots 10 days ago but had tried everything to think of a way to remain safe and continue playing.

This is Sergio´s tearful speech.

Following his press conference, social media has been inundated with support and messages from fans, clubs, and footballers.

The player also tweeted his decision in a letter explaining his heart-breaking decision.

Some messages from Twitter

FC Barcelona described him as “one of the greats”


Fellow Argentinian teammate, Messi wrote, “Practically a whole career together, Kun…. We’ve had some great moments and others that weren’t so great, but all of them have made us grow closer and become better friends. And we’re going to continue spending them together off the pitch,” Messi wrote in an Instagram post.

“With the great joy of lifting the Copa America just a little while ago, with all the achievements you obtained in England…. And the truth is that now it hurts a lot to see how you have to stop doing what you love the most because of what happened to you. I’m sure you will continue to be happy because you are a person who radiates happiness and those of us who love you will be there for you. Now a new stage of your life is beginning, and I am convinced that you will enjoy it with a smile on your face and with all the enthusiasm that you put into everything.

“All the best in this new stage! I love you very much my friend, I’m going to miss a lot being with you on the pitch and when we meet up with the national team.”

National Team Tweet (Selección Argentina)

#FuerzaKun Thank you for so many years of football, dribbling, goals, and joys with the Albiceleste. You will be forever in the hearts of each Argentine and we will encourage you all your life. All the best for whatever comes!

Atletico Madrid

It was an honor to enjoy your football wearing the rojiblanca. Good luck.

Man City

Sergio tweeted to Man city fans – Thank you

To the club, the staff, my colleagues, and former colleagues, and to the fans that supported me so much during these difficult times. I hope I can embrace all of you soon,

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