Ryanair may cancel flights to Spain this winter if airport tax increase approved

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Ryanair may cancel flights if airport tax increase goes ahead

Ryanair will adjust the winter timetable for flights to and from Spain if the Spanish government approves the 5% airport tax increase. This has been proposed by national airport manager AENA for the next five years.

Contrary to AENA’s request, the Spanish National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC) has proposed a 2% reduction in the airport tax. So says marketing director Dara Brady of the Irish low-cost airline Ryanair.

Ryanair outraged about missed support

According to Brady, it makes no sense to increase the airport tax now. Airlines are currently doing everything they can to keep fares low and get as many people as possible back on the plane this summer. Aside from the unfortunate timing, Brady thinks 5% is an unusually large increase.

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In addition, she is outraged that only Air Europa and Plus Ultra received financial support from the Spanish government. Ryanair is the number one airline for flights to, from and within Spain.

Expansion routes for summer months

This summer Ryanair will fly 60 routes from Spain to 28 different countries and a further 70 routes within Spain. Ryanair operates 2,500 weekly flights in Spain during the summer months. With 70 aircraft for the Spanish market, this airline employs 2,000 people in Spain.

Ryanair has already stopped ERTE (temporary unemployment scheme) for its Spanish staff members. Furthermore, at the end of this year the new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft will come into service for the Spanish market, offering 4% more seats. Ryanair expects to transport as many passengers again in August as it did before the pandemic.

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