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by Lorraine Williamson
investment training

MARBELLA – Investing your money can be a daunting task. However, Hugo Investing CEO Kaspar Huijsman and his team provide services that go far beyond the usual to help serious investors take control of their finances. Consequently, the securities agency supervised by CNMV in Spain offers unique investment opportunities with personalised coaching for its clients. 

In 1999 Huijsman was co-founder of the first online broker in the Netherlands. He explains to that the partners at that time opted to give the company a personal name. Thus, Alex Bank was born. And, the reason for this was simple! They were the first to provide private investors with the possibility of operating online as close as possible to the professional market. The name of Alex gave strength to that personal and familiar relationship. Just much the same as Hugo does now for their international and Spanish clients in Spain.    

The company later became a market leader in the Netherlands. And, as a logical consequence of many of their clients living in Andalucia, they opened an investor centre in Marbella (Malaga) in 2006. As is often the case in the financial sector, during the time Alex bank was acquired several times. Eventually, it became Saxo Bank, the largest investment bank in Europe. The Spanish branch became a Stock Agency with Hugo as the personal name.    

Personalised coaching and online Academy   

Today, the team of Hugo Investing caters to serious investors. These are mostly private investors, seeking personalised service and support with online trading platforms for investors and traders. They offer three different platforms to choose from based on trading style and experience level. Additionally, they provide regular market reports and have a blog with investing insights. Furthermore, Hugo’s team has over 60 years of combined experience.     

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Hugo helps investors in multiple languages to take control of their personal finances. Therefore, it offers personalised coaching to its clients. Through this, they teach them about various investment tools to help them take less risk and obtain higher returns. This way, Hugo Investing functions as a personal coach for its clients, providing vlogs, blogs, seminars, and webinars to inspire them. Additionally, the company has created an online Academy that provides training to investors, including a Short Master Investing program of 6 months, which it offers with an accredited university.   

Investment training with Hugo Investing

Private banking services with brokerage prices 

Kaspar Huijsman says about Hugo’s service: “We are often referred to as an entity that provides private banking services with brokerage prices. Today anyone can open a trading account and start trading or investing. However, I believe the sector has made it too easy and the regulation of recent years may not be enough. By teaching investors about the products, they take less risk and, in the end, earn higher returns. That’s what all the stakeholders in this sector want, right?”   

According to the CEO, the future challenges for Hugo Investing are mainly opportunities. In this regard, he refers to some financial challenges that people face like inflation, volatile interest rates, and deficient pension plans. As education and personal service are becoming increasingly important, Hugo Investing plans to take two steps forward to fulfil its mantra of “Trade Saf.” 

Overall, Hugo Investing’s unique approach to personalised coaching, coupled with its extensive investment tools and training programs, sets it apart from other investment firms in Spain. It’s no wonder the company has been successful for over 17 years, and it will undoubtedly continue to thrive in the years to come.   

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