Possible sky-high fines for customers of prostitutes in the Valencia region

by Lorraine Williamson

VALENCIA – Customers of prostitutes in the Valencia region have to be careful. As prostituted women are increasingly seen as victims of sexist violence, their clients are further pushed into a criminal corner. 

Justice proposes fines of up to €3,000 for clients of prostitutes. That and more is stated in an ordinance presented in Mislata on Thursday by deputy Gabriela Bravo along with the Valencian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces and the Mislata City Council. The presentation was attended by councillors and mayors of dozens of Valencian municipalities. 

Prostituted women are ‘victims of sexual violence’ 

The document, which must be approved by every city council, stipulates, among other things, that prostituted women must be regarded as victims of sexist violence. The women themselves will never be able to be fined. However, those who mediate between clients of prostitution and prostitutes, or the clients themselves, run the risk of a fine of €2,000. Anyone who actively promotes prostitution, for example by handing out brochures and the advertiser himself, will also be fined €750. 

If minors are involved in the above offenses, they will also be fined. However, their parents or guardians will be informed. In addition, in these cases, the fines can be replaced by community service orders. 


“A democratic society can under no circumstances tolerate a woman’s body being objectified and commercialized,” Bravo said. According to her ministry’s calculations, there are between 10,000 and 13,000 prostituted women in the Community, as well as 164 brothels and nearly 52,000 Internet advertisements for prostitution services. 

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Bravo also referred to prostituted women of foreign descent. “If we see them as victims of gender violence, they have access to rights. They cannot be ranked lower than other victims,” ​​Bravo explained. 

The regulation provides for the establishment of comprehensive municipal plans with social, labour, training, and housing support actions. 

Municipalities must cooperate 

“If we want our policy to be effective, the cooperation of the municipalities is essential. After all, it is they who know what is going on in their place and which tools to enforce things need to be improved,” said the delegate. 

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