Off-duty policeman rescues man from train tracks

by Lorraine Williamson
off-duty policeman
nederlandse orthopeed

MADRID – Seconds before the Cercanías de Madrid commuter train arrived at the Embajadores train station on Tuesday, a man fell onto the tracks. Without a second thought, an off-duty policeman raced to the rescue.

Later, in an interview with, the off-duty policeman, Luis Muñoz stated, “I jumped without thinking”.

No time to think

Muñoz had been waiting for his train when he saw a man fall from the platform onto the tracks. He tried to get the man back onto the platform but realised there was no time. Instead, he went down on the rails, and moved the man to a small space located between the platform and the track. This allowed the train to pass without incident.

The policeman then took the man off the tracks, and gave assistance until the arrival of the Policia Nacional, who then took over.

Cogesa Expats

The officers arrested the man for a crime of public disorder and was transferred to a hospital to be treated for a head injury caused by the fall.

Saved his life

Luis Muñoz undoubtably saved the man´s life at risk to his own.

The events at the train station caused the interruption of the service on the Cercanías line, the C-5, for almost half an hour.


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