Newborn baby’s lifeless body found on roadside in Granada

by Lorraine Williamson
newborn baby found dead

On Friday, the lifeless body of a newborn baby was found in the El Fargue neighborhood of Granada. The discovery of this baby follows just three days after another baby, a few months old, was found in a sports bag in Barcelona. 

At around 11.00 am on Friday, Andalucia’s 112 emergency services were contacted when a passerby found a newborn baby. The baby was wrapped in blankets and half-hidden by the side of the road on the Camino de la Barrera in the El Fargue district, northeast of Granada. The coordination centre then called in the Policia Nacional and ambulance services. Upon arrival, it immediately became clear that the medical team could do little more for the baby. 

Baby turns out to be a boy just a few days old 

Spanish news site writes on Saturday that the first investigations show no traces of violence on the baby’s body. However, the regional forensic centre is still investigating the body of the newborn. Therefore, it cannot yet make any statements regarding the cause of death. However, the police did announce that the boy was only a few days old. In addition to determining the cause of death, the forensic team is trying to collect DNA material. This will allow them to gain more clarity about what happened and where the baby came from. 

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Incident shortly after baby was found in Barcelona sports bag 

The discovery of this baby came less than three days after a several-month-old baby was found in a sports bag on a street in Barcelona. Meanwhile, the Catalan police have announced this baby was released from hospital on Thursday when it became clear that his health was stable enough. 

The baby has since been placed with a temporary foster family until there is more clarity from the police investigation. Although both incidents seem similar, there is as yet no reason to believe thes two events are related. 


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