New and Unique Outgoing Phone Number for Andalucian Public Health Service

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SEVILLE – The public health service in Andalucia (SAS) now has one unique number for outgoing calls. All 1,512 health centres share the same unique landline phone number for outgoing calls from the primary care centres. 

This means anyone who receives a call can immediately identify it as coming from SAS. The number is 955 800 008. Therefore, if you see that on your screen, you know that you are being called by a ‘centro salud’. Or another public health department in the region.

Public health service new outgoing number 955 800 008 

However, until now, each centre used a different landline number. As a result, the caller was not immediately recognisable. This led to many cases where the called person did not answer. And so a required appointment with a doctor or for vaccination was often missed.

This new number will also guarantee patient care and safety. As numerous cases of fraudulent calls have been reported to citizens during the pandemic. These included calls from scammers claiming to be health personnel of the Andalucian public health service. 

Cogesa Expats

With the completion of this new issue, the Junta de Andalucia and its public health service reaffirm their commitment to patient health. This is further demonstrated by the launch of digital tools such as ClicSalud+ and the Salud Responde service and app. 

However, if you wish to contact one of the SAS care centres, the telephone numbers remain independent. These can be found on the website of the Health Department of the Junta de Andalucía. For general questions, Salud Responde’s phone number is 955 54 50 60. 

The new unique phone number is being phased in and will be used by all hospitals in the future until all SAS services are connected to the one number. 

Keep answering long and hidden numbers 

In the meantime, the Andalucian health service emphasises, if a call is expected from a hospital centre, citizens must continue to answer long numbers (from the telephone exchange), or hidden numbers. 

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