Murder suspect in Torremolinos confesses to murder of former ex

by Lorraine Williamson
Torremolinos murder suspect confesses

TORREMOLINOS – The Italian man, Marco R., who killed his 28-year-old partner in Torremolinos last week, has confessed that he also killed his former girlfriend Sibora Gagani. However, later he retracted his confession. 

According to the regional representative of the Spanish government, Pedro Fernández, Marco R. confessed to killing his former girlfriend Sibora Gagani who disappeared in 2014, before giving his legal statement and while being escorted by police officers. He allegedly then bricked the body into the walls of the apartment they shared in Torremolinos in 2014, using acid. Sibora Gagani, then 22, has been missing since July of that year. Moreover, just before that, she seemingly had broken off her relationship with him. 

New searches after indications of acid 

After the unofficial confession, the police searched the suspect’s home, but according to Fernández, the body has not yet been found. However, he stressed that the police have carried out a new search based on the new evidence provided by Marco R., looking for any traces of chemicals that could help solve this case 

History of violence and preventive measures 

Although Marco R. has so far not been officially charged with involvement in the disappearance of Sibora Gagani, a police and criminal investigation is ongoing against him. The suspect’s lawyer has indicated that his client was not specifically asked about this matter during his interrogation and that the subject of the missing ex-girlfriend was never brought up. Furthermore, she stressed that so far there are no criminal offences related to the disappearance of Sibora Gagani. However, investigations are ongoing. She has also requested a psychiatric and toxicology evaluation of her client about Paula’s death. 

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Investigation into the disappearance of Sibora Gagani 

The police are now investigating the disappearance of Sibora Gagani after Marco R. referred to her during his confession. Consequently, they will follow all possible leads to find out what happened to her. Pedro Fernández stressed the importance of a thorough investigation to uncover the truth behind Sibora Gagani’s disappearance. He noted that the police will follow all possible leads and investigate to solve the case. 

Last week’s murder in Torremolinos 

The suspect, Marco R., was arrested last week by the Policia Nacional in Torremolinos, just hours after Paula’s lifeless body was found, with several stab wounds. Neighbours claim that there had been a violent argument between the two before the brutal murder. Although there were no previous reports of domestic violence between the couple, Paula had contacted the Andalucian Institute for Women more than three years ago. 

However, Marco R. was already known to the integral tracking system for gender-based violence cases, known as VioGén, due to his previous relationships, one of which even involved provisional measures. 

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