Mother and daughter arrested for attempted murder

by Lorraine Williamson
neighbourhood of mother and daughter - TeldeActualidad

CANARY ISLANDS – A mother and daughter have been arrested in Gran Canaria for attempting to kill their pregnant neighbour.

The 49-year-old mother and her 14-year-old daughter have been arrested on charges of attempted murder and illegal detention. The neighbour, a woman in advanced stages of pregnancy has been taken to hospital.

Screaming for help

As reported by Telecinco, the events were discovered on Wednesday afternoon in El Calero, Telde when someone heard a woman screaming for help. The police alerted and rushed to the scene. However, when they arrived at the door, they were refused entry and told by a woman that everything was OK. And that they were only playing a game.

Detained against her will

However, on entering the property, they found a woman tied with duct tape and her body soaked in bleach. The woman had been detained against her will. She told police she had come to her neighbours as they offered her a toy for her baby. But when she tried to leave, the two women threw her to the ground, tied her up and covered her head with a bag. They then doused her in bleach.

At the time of writing, the outcome is unknown following the 14-year-old´s appearance at the Juvenile Prosecutor´s Office, or that of the mother before the judge.

As reported earlier today, there was an incident outside a school where a mother threatened a 13-year-old boy.

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