More Spanish Parador hotels welcome pets

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Parador hotels increase pet-friendly locations

The number of pet-friendly Parador hotels is expanding from 21 to 31. In addition, customers who book a stay will receive a bowl and ration of food for their companions as a welcome gift.

Enjoy the most spectacular locations, the most interesting monumental buildings and the tastiest authentic regional dishes in one of the 97 Parador hotels in Spain. More of those hotels now also welcome pets.

Parador hotels are always in historically interesting buildings such as palaces, monasteries, castles or fortresses. Alternatively, they are in special locations. The Spanish state owns the chain which aims to restore historical and artistic heritage and preserve it for future generations.

The number of pet-friendly locations is now being expanded from 21 to 31. In addition, customers’ four-legged friends will also receive a bowl and food ration, thanks to an agreement Paradores reached with the Royal Canin brand.  

‘Booming tourism’

Óscar López, president of Paradores, explained the chain is constantly trying to adapt to the needs of its customers. It recognises many of them like to travel with their dog or cat. López even calls holidays with pets ‘booming tourism’.

The 10 new Paradores properties that accept pets are: Manzanares (Ciudad Real); Malaga Golf; Vic Sau (Barcelona); Benavente (Zamora); Tui (Pontevedra); Ceuta; Guadalupe (Cáceres); Melilla; Zafra (Badajoz); Tordesilla’s (Valladolid).

The locations which already allow pets are: Albacete; Artíes (Lleida); Benicarló (Castellón); Bielsa (Huesca); Cangas de Onís (Asturias); Cañadas del Teide (Tenerife); Cazorla (Jaén); Cervera de Pisuerga (Palencia); Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca); Cruz de Tejeda (Gran Canaria); El Hierro; El Saler (Valencia); Fuente Dé (Cantabrië); Gredos (Ávila); Jarandilla de la Vera (Cáceres); La Gomera; La Palma; Limpias (Cantabrië ); Ribadeo (Lugo); Verín (Orense); Villafranca del Bierzo (León).

Brief history of Paradores

Before the opening in 1928 of the first Parador hotel in the mountains near Gredos, Spain barely had a hotel infrastructure. Once the first Parador was established, the government formed an organisation charged with finding hidden monuments and special sites and making them accessible to tourists.

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