More plagues in Spain since pandemic

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Plagues increase in Spain, rats, mosquitoes and cockroaches particularly

Spain sees an increase in plagues during the pandemic. The cause is not only a less dominant presence of people over the past year, but also weather conditions. All this leads to a significant increase in pests in Spain.

The Catalan Association of Professionals for Disinfection and Pest Control (ADEPAP) warned in a statement to mark World Pest Control Day (June 6th) that the pandemic has led to the emergence of disease-carrying pests.

The experts also point out that, in the case of Catalonia, the temperatures and sparse, erratic rains this spring point to the arrival of the usual pests of mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches. However, the lockdowns and various restrictive measures add rat infestations to this list. These may not be plagues of biblical proportions, but the increase is of concern.

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Virus and Disease Transmitting Species

“The lower presence of people outdoors for months has meant that not only have more rats been seen, but they are also larger and more aggressive than in previous years,” ADEPAP warned. The association emphasised mosquitoes and rodents in particular  can transmit viruses and diseases.

On the other hand, the ADEPAP predicts that bed bugs, one of Catalonia’s greatly increased plagues in recent years, will be less common this summer. This is because, in most cases, this insect reaches homes through clothing or travel suitcases. And there were far fewer of the latter in 2020.

The association points out the usefulness of preventive measures. They also advocate using professional companies to control pests and carry out disinfection: “very necessary actions related to each other, especially in times of pandemic, to ensure the safety and health of the guarantee the environment.”

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