Minister wants to continue ERTE after state of alarm ends

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Yoland Díaz wants ERTE to continue after 31st May. Image: La Moncloa on under

MADRID – Minister of Employment Yolanda Díaz announced on Thursday she wants to continue the ERTE work protection mechanism after 31st May. Negotiations with social partners will start shortly.

The minister announced this at the seventh presentation of the Premios Cepyme for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). According to the minister, the ERTE unemployment scheme has been useful for employees from SMEs. She believes the government should continue to protect these workers against job loss after 31st May.


Díaz calls it a milestone that employees from SMEs have also been able to use the ERTEs. Until last year, the scheme was only available for employees of large companies. “While the previous crisis meant the end of their economic activity for 402,203 self-employed persons, we were able to protect all self-employed persons and even add 19,604 self-employed entrepreneurs,” said the minister.

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SMEs of great importance for the future of the Spanish economy

She also encouraged SMEs in her speech. She said: “Together you not only make up the largest part of the business community, but you are constantly committed to quality, employment, internationalization, innovation, inclusiveness and sustainability.” According to Díaz, Spanish SMEs represent “a philosophy of improvement, responsibility and solidarity that is essential to the improvement of the social ecosystem in Spain”. Furthermore, she feels SMEs not only play a crucial role in the economic recovery and transformation of the Spanish economy, but also in a new path to create jobs.

King of Spain thanks SMEs at the Premios Cepyme presentation

King Felipe VI awarded the Premios Cepyme. In his speech, the king also expressed his appreciation for SMEs. He characterised them as the heart of the Spanish economy. The Premio Cepyme for Company of the Year went to Artificial Intelligent Robot.

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