Millions of euros and assets seized by Guardia Civil during 2021

by Lorraine Williamson
assets seized - screen grab from official Guardia Civil YouTube video

Operation Lambo resulted in the Guardia Civil arresting 5 members of the Titi clan, closing 6 buildings and assets seized. These include 3 boats and 5 vehicles.

Allegedly involved in drug trafficking and money laundering, the Titi clan were on the Guardia Civil´s radar for some time.

Titi clan

In fact, last year a cluster operation was also carried out against the well-known Titi clan. Moreover, at that time, 20 arrests were made, and property valued at around €6 million was seized. Since then, the Guardia Civil continued to gather intelligence against the gang and their activities. And also, looking into assets possibly obtained with money gained through the sale of drugs.

€800,000 laundered

According to the Guardia Civil, researchers from the OCON-SUR Money Laundering Group estimate that the money laundered would be around €800,000.

Cogesa Expats

Success stories

There have been many successful operations involving the Guardia Civil and the Policia Nacional. Many more will continue into 2022.

The Guardia Civil reports that the Lambo operation is one of 160 operations that developed in 2021 related to money laundering from drug trafficking. So far this year the accumulated economic impact amounts to more than €260 million.

Furthermore, since the beginning of December, more than €50 million in cash and around €200 million between movable and immovable property assets have been seized from drug trafficking gangs.

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