Microsoft scam alert

by Lorraine Williamson
scam message

On our official InSpain.News Facebook page, we regularly update you as to scams that are currently going around. Almost two weeks ago, we reported one regarding a fake call from Microsoft Technical Support.

This scam still seems to be happening, and they are using it to steal your personal data and ultimately, to take money from your bank.

Scam details

There are two ways the scammers will try to contact you.

The first is by phone, usually in English. However, be suspicious if the accent or words used are not typically English. They will “warn” you of a serious problem on your computer or similar device. Consequently, they will explain the reason for the call is to fix the virus or software problem. The next step of the scam will be for them to provide you with a series of instructions to follow. Then they will issue you with a link for you to click so they can have remote access to fix the problem. However, once they have this access, they have full access to your information. Microsoft has confirmed they would never initiate a call to customers in this way. Any such problems and subsequent requests for assistance must come in the first instance from the customer. Not from Microsoft.

Cogesa Expats

Tweet from the National Police

Policia Nacional has tweeted an example of the call that has been attempting to scam people in the name of Microsoft.

Error message

The second way the scammers could approach you pretending to be Microsoft is directly via your device. They can do this by creating a fake “error message” on your screen when you attempt to visit a website. There will be a customer support phone number displayed for you to call. Do not call! Microsoft does not list phone numbers.

If you receive such a call or message, ignore it, and advise the police by calling 091.

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