Mercadona summer hours start again soon

by Lorraine Williamson
Mercadona summer opening hours

MADRID – Because the days last longer in the summer, the most famous supermarket in Spain ensures its customers can shop longer hours during the holiday period. 

With a market share of 25.8% in 2023, 0.9% more than in 2021​, Mercadona is the largest supermarket in Spain. This is both in terms of number of stores and market share. In Spain, the company of founder Juan Roig currently has 1,629 stores and Portugal has 40. Furthermore, the supermarket chain employs 99,000 people. Moreover, they will also see their work schedule change with the new opening hours. 

In concrete terms, the new opening hours will apply to 330 stores. These are mainly the shops in areas with the greatest influx of tourists. Think especially of the Spanish holiday costas. Consequently, this will also involve hiring more staff. 

In the other branches, however, the opening hours remain the same as for the rest of the year. Although this does vary from area to area, it is mostly around nine in the morning to half past eight in the evening from Monday to Saturday. 

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What is the new schedule and when will it come into effect? 

Mercadona will launch the new opening hours in the 330 stores on Monday 26 June. These will not apply for the rest of the year and will change back to normal opening hours after Sunday 27 August. Some branches will also open their doors on Sundays and public holidays from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm. 

Which Mercadona? 

To find out whether your favourite Mercadona store also uses these summer opening hours, you can enter your post code, the exact address of the store or the name of the municipality in the search engine on the supermarket’s website. 

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