Marbella sets a national benchmark for sustainable mobility

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MArbella smart parking spaces for bikes. Image: Ayntamiento de Marbella

Marbella Council is promoting the use of bicycles with the first smart parking spaces for bikes in the country. The municipality is committed to the use of more accessible and less polluting modes of transport.

Marbella Council installed the first two smart parking spaces for bikes in the city – and the country.  

Mayor Angeles Muñoz highlighted the municipal’s commitment to the use of more accessible and less polluting transport. Currently, the council has initiatives such as the free urban bus network for registered residents, alongside the promotion of bicycle use.

“This is a commitment to the future, to which the municipalities should join in the coming years,” the mayor said.

Will expand if successful

The smart spaces are next to the Central Library of the Arroyo de la Represa park and the new headquarters of the Official School of Languages.

“They are the first two that we created. And, depending on the results and the demands, we will expand them throughout the municipality,” said Muñoz.

“Through a mobile app they will be able to reserve the space and find out if there are available places.”

Marbella smark bike parking. Image: Ayuntamiento de Marbella

The plan is to introduce lockers at the parking sites as well. That way, cyclists can leave any bulky belongings such as helmets. There will also be the facility for recharging electric bikes.

The Commissioner for Climate Change and Energy Model of the Junta de Andalucia expressed the regional administration’s commitment to sustainable projects on “what we call the green revolution.”

Finally, Francisco Marques, thanked the City Council for the commitment to the Andalucian company to develop this initiative that “seeks to facilitate sustainable mobility and reduce road traffic and pollution” in cities caused by cars.

“These are two high-quality facilities that will also provide great safety to cyclists when leaving their two-wheelers,” said Marques. He also highlighted that they are the first two smart parking areas with such characteristics in the world.

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