Málaga pioneers with new high-technology centre

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Malaga tech centre

The city was once mainly the flight destination for the Costa del Sol, but Málaga is increasingly turning into the Silicon Valley of Europe with the growing arrival of international tech companies such as Google. With the opening of the Incubadora de Alta Tecnología (IAT) by Mayor Francisco de la Torre, the city has reached a new milestone.

The Incubadora de Alta Tecnología (IAT) in Málaga is a groundbreaking project in Europe that aims to support and connect leading startups. The goal is to develop innovative solutions for the latest digital technologies, such as Web 3 and the Metaverse. Located in the Metaverso technological innovation centre, this project offers modern facilities, the latest technological tools and is located in the heart of the city known for its technological progress.

What is the IAT?

The IAT is located in the old tobacco factory, the Tabacalera, where the car museum and the Russian Museum are also located. With an investment of €4.29 million, this ambitious project has been in development for almost two years. The space of more than 2,500 square metres will accommodate more than 50 innovative projects and focus on various technologies that improve the digital world. This includes gaming, social media, eSports, design, commerce, and various forms of digital infrastructure such as 6G and Wi-Fi 6.

Pride and funding

The project has been financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Fundación INCYDE and the Municipality of Málaga. During the opening, Javier Collado, director of the Fundación INCYDE, emphasised the importance of this project for the local economy and youth: “It is a pride to travel around Europe and say: This is what we have done with your money. ”

Startup support

The renovation of the space started in September last year and cost €3.5 million. The rest of the budget was used to attract and support startups. Since February 2023, these startups have been helped through the Polo Digital centre and the community of young entrepreneurs of Málaga Tech. These startups have already attracted more than €1.5 million in investments.

Long-term benefits

Mayor Francisco de la Torre described the project as a long-term investment with very positive consequences. “These almost hundred-year-old buildings are now functioning at full capacity as a clear example of modern, technological Málaga.” The completion of this project has fully utilised the capacity of the Tabacalera complex, and the Municipality of Málaga is already considering further expansions to meet growing demand.

Attracting international talent

With the IAT Metaverso, Málaga wants to attract not only local, but also international talents, for example from Africa and South America, for temporary training periods. To achieve this, the IAT organises various programs to support startups. These programs include mentorship, technical advice, innovation workshops and assistance in obtaining financing. In addition, events, workshops, pitch sessions and demo days are organized to promote knowledge sharing and collaboration between professionals.

In addition to Google, Oracle, Vodafone, PWC, Huawei, Avatel Telecom, DHV Technology and Atlantic International Technology are also located in Málaga and Microsoft is developing a data centre campus.

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